As one of the leading names in wide-format scanning, the Contex brand is well-placed to cater to even the highest expectations of those requiring a device such as the HD Ultra X.

Whether you are a graphical professional, a technical expert, an archivist, or a key decision-maker for a repro department, there will be much to impress you about this particular large-format scanner.

The Contex HD Ultra X is available in the Prizma Graphics online store right now, in 36”, 42”, and 60” dimensions.

Why might you choose the Contex HD Ultra X for wide-format scanning?

The perfect option for the faithful capturing of drawings, maps, posters, fine art, and newspapers alike, the Contex HD Ultra X delivers formidable power, functionality, and productivity as a large-format scanner.

Set up one of these at your offices or home, and you will be able to proceed with work quickly, thanks to this device’s lack of required warm-up time. You will be able to count on it to instantly detect your paper size and transfer data onto your screen at a quicker rate than any alternative large-format scanner presently available.

Quality, too, is a watchword when it comes to the Contex HD Ultra X. The device incorporates CCD technology, including the use of premium Fujifilm lenses, which allows it to achieve astonishing accuracy when matching the colour of original scanned documents. Users of this device can also turn to Nextimage 5 software to clean up high-quality scans.

It is also worth noting the pure ease of use of this large-format scanner. You can load your original to-be-scanned documents where you wish, altering the thickness capacity by as much as 15mm to allow for the replication of artwork, photography, blueprints, and maps, to cite just some possibilities.

Furthermore, when it comes to workflow, you will have three broad options to pick from with this device: the standalone solution, the Nextimage Remote solution, or the ScanStation Pro solution. The ability to pick between three different speed levels on this scanner’s touch panel means that even very specific requirements can be catered for.

Would this be the most suitable large-format scanner for your needs?

While you will struggle to find a wide-format scanning device that operates as rapidly and as easily as the Contex HD Ultra X, we recognise that you may have your own very specific priorities from this type of machine.

In that case, you are welcome to enquire to our team at Prizma Graphics for further information and advice. We are committed to helping our customers – new and old – to select only the devices or media that best serve their intended application and budgetary needs.