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15 May Do you have the right A1 inkjet paper rolls for your Canon TM-240 or TM-255?
Louise 0 223
Our team knows well how crucial it is to achieve the right mix of large-format printer and paper to make the optimal results possible. This is no less the case if you happen to be operating a Canon TM..
27 Mar How can you banish banding when using a Canon wide-format printer?
Louise 0 433
We have long spoken positively here at Prizma Graphics about the many benefits of Canon large-format printers; however, not all the functionality benefits of the Japanese brand’s machines are necessar..
19 Mar How does borderless printing compare on a Canon ImagePROGRAF printer vs a HP DesignJet Z6?
Louise 0 579
Various questions often arise when it comes to wide-format printing processes, with these often influencing whether our customers here at Prizma Graphics ultimately opt for Canon ImagePROGRAF or HP De..
29 Feb Why does Prizma Graphics only stock and supply genuine Canon inks?
Louise 0 629
Whether you are a long-time shopper from our online store, or you have only recently begun to purchase from us the essentials for your Canon wide-format printer, you might have noticed that the inks w..
30 Jan Canon’s PRO Series printers lend themselves beautifully to fine art reproduction
Louise 0 794
It might seem evident from one glance at the specification sheet of any of the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers making up the Japanese brand’s PRO Series – including the PRO-1000, PRO-2100, PRO-4100, PRO-4..
22 Jan A shootout between the HP DesignJet T850 and the Canon imagePROGRAF TM-350: which one comes out on top?
Louise 0 1002
As regular readers of the Prizma Graphics news section will be aware, we have frequently written in positive terms about both Canon imagePROGRAF and HP DesignJet printers, for the simple reason that t..
07 Dec The Canon ImagePROGRAF TM-240 vs the HP DesignJet T630: which is the best A1 printer?
Louise 0 1283
In our capacity as proud stockists of both HP DesignJet printers and their Canon ImagePROGRAF counterparts here at Prizma Graphics, we have no vested interest in flagging up one option as necessarily ..
07 Nov For sheer speed and productivity, don’t look past Canon’s recently debuted TM Series printers
Louise 0 1248
In a recent news update of ours here at Prizma Graphics, we drew attention to Canon’s introduction of new A0 and A1 TM Series printers. As trusted and long-time stockists of Canon large-format printer..
30 Oct Canon unveils new A0 and A1 TM Series printers, providing more options for CAD and poster printing
Louise 0 2207
Have you recently been comparing wide-format CAD printers, perhaps with a view to investing in a model that would enable you to produce presentable CAD construction and design drawings? Or maybe you n..
06 Oct What difference can Canon’s Chroma Optimiser links make to your glossy photo prints?
Louise 0 1630
Japan’s Canon has long been synonymous with the latest and greatest in printing innovation, and those innovations do not solely emerge from the most recent Canon large-format printers themselves. An e..
22 Jul Until the end of the year, discounts are available on Canon PRO, GP, and TX Series printers
Louise 0 1365
Everyone loves to save money on essentials, particularly in a climate like the current one that has been so challenging for individuals and organisations alike, and that continues to be so. With that..
22 Jul Get money off your next printer with our Canon Summer Promotion!
Louise 0 1312
When it comes to seeking out and purchasing a wide-format printer that offers the ultimate in performance, functionality, and reliability, it has long been a safe choice to pick a model from the exten..
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