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15 May Do you have the right A1 inkjet paper rolls for your Canon TM-240 or TM-255?
Louise 0 223
Our team knows well how crucial it is to achieve the right mix of large-format printer and paper to make the optimal results possible. This is no less the case if you happen to be operating a Canon TM..
19 Mar How does borderless printing compare on a Canon ImagePROGRAF printer vs a HP DesignJet Z6?
Louise 0 579
Various questions often arise when it comes to wide-format printing processes, with these often influencing whether our customers here at Prizma Graphics ultimately opt for Canon ImagePROGRAF or HP De..
22 Jan A shootout between the HP DesignJet T850 and the Canon imagePROGRAF TM-350: which one comes out on top?
Louise 0 1002
As regular readers of the Prizma Graphics news section will be aware, we have frequently written in positive terms about both Canon imagePROGRAF and HP DesignJet printers, for the simple reason that t..
07 Dec The Canon ImagePROGRAF TM-240 vs the HP DesignJet T630: which is the best A1 printer?
Louise 0 1283
In our capacity as proud stockists of both HP DesignJet printers and their Canon ImagePROGRAF counterparts here at Prizma Graphics, we have no vested interest in flagging up one option as necessarily ..
16 Jun HP DesignJet Z6 vs Canon ImagePROGRAF GP-200: which of these 24” wide-format printer options might be best for you?
Louise 0 1516
As regular customers of our store here at Prizma Graphics will know and appreciate, we are not tied to any one manufacturer of large-format printers. This, in turn, means we really are committed to br..
22 Dec What printers do we recommend as replacements for the HP Designjet 500, 510, and 800?
Louise 0 1172
Recently on the Prizma Graphics blog, we wrote about the disadvantageous news for many of our customers, that HP is set to discontinue production of its No. 82 inks and No. 11 printheads by the end of..
29 Nov Beware: HP is set to discontinue its No. 82 inks and No. 11 printheads by the end of 2022
Louise 0 1490
If you have shopped at the Prizma Graphics online store previously for inks and printheads, the chances are that you will already appreciate our commitment to providing the right solutions for your pr..
23 Jun You’ll find an extensive range of media in our store for HP PageWide XL printers
Louise 0 955
For many of our customers with high-volume production requirements, their HP PageWide XL printers fulfil an invaluable role. This is something that our team at Prizma Graphics has also recognised – h..
01 Jan How does the Canon ImagePROGRAF GP-200 compare to HP’s DesignJet Z6?
Louise 0 1361
The market for large-format poster printers is a competitive one, and if you are presently seeking out a 24” A1 device in this category, you will naturally be anxious to ensure your eventual choice of..
13 Oct Take advantage of convenient printer delivery options at Prizma Graphics
Louise 0 1242
As long-established and trusted wide-format printer suppliers, our personnel at Prizma Graphics have always taken great pride in their close attention to detail, as well as their commitment to serving..
06 Aug A comparison between the HP DesignJet T1600dr and Canon TX-3100
Louise 0 1397
Any recurrent customer of ours here at Prizma Graphics will know that we are great fans of both Canon and HP large-format printers. However, when you are on the lookout for a strong general-purpose an..
31 Jan Our bestselling 90gsm plotter paper in 610mm/A1 rolls is a great match for all inkjet printers
Louise 0 1321
While we stock many products here at Prizma Graphics that are broadly applicable to many different applications, our PCR90 plotter paper rolls may be especially impressive in this regard.   This par..
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