You might have read our recent news update in which we put the spotlight on the paper rolls in our range that allow for the easy creation of photo-quality personalised gift wrap, whether for Christmas or any other special occasion. Well, we have further news: we’re now adding even more to our selection of large-format inkjet paper that can be used for the purposes of custom wrapping.

More specifically, we’re adding A3+, A3, and A4 cut-sheet options to our range, to allow for the printing of customised wrapping paper in any environment, such as home, school, or even a retail or corporate setting.

What should you know about our latest 100gsm matt white inkjet wrapping paper? 

If you have recently been browsing our online range of wrapping gift paper, you might have noticed that our advertised options now include cut-sheet 100gsm smooth matt white inkjet wrapping paper, under Prizma Graphics’ own brand.

So, if you are looking to print your own customised gift wrap at home with the minimum of fuss, you might be interested in purchasing this paper, which comes in 500-sheet packs at extremely attractive prices.

As we mentioned above, you can have this large-format inkjet paper in A3+, A3, or A4 dimensions. Suitable for both inkjet and laser printers, this paper sports a range of qualities that make it excellently suited to the creation of bespoke and customised wrapping paper. The results are ones that your recipients are sure to be impressed by and comment on.

The various attractive characteristics of this paper include its light weight and easy foldability, as well as the fact that it dries instantly, which helps to reduce cockling. But it also simply has the feel of “proper” traditional gift wrap paper, not least with regard to its superb opacity, which helps to obscure the wrapped gift.

As for the results that this 100gsm paper makes possible when it is printed on, you can expect striking and vivid imagery, with the paper also able to be easily folded, wrapped, and stuck with clear tape once it is dry. Thanks to the paper’s instant dry coating, you can look forward to achieving solid fills with dye and pigment inks; note that matte black ink is recommended if you are seeking to achieve particularly deep blacks.

Please reach out for advice if you are unsure as to which paper would be right for you

We can understand that when you have a specific application in mind, it might be an intimidating and time-consuming endeavour to sift through the range of media available in an online store like ours, trying to find the most suitable product.

So, please don’t be afraid to call the Prizma Graphics team today, on 01296 393700, for expert advice.