We have long spoken positively here at Prizma Graphics about the many benefits of Canon large-format printers; however, not all the functionality benefits of the Japanese brand’s machines are necessarily recognised and used by everyone who owns and operates them.

One issue that many users of wide-format printers may or may not be familiar with, is “banding”. This term refers to the thin light or dark lines that might occur on a printed image if the media in the printer is fed too slowly or too quickly.

This problem can easily happen if the user fails to select or register the correct paper type or profile on whatever printer they are operating. So, how can you avoid it if you are one of the many owners and operators of Canon large-format printers?

It’s a straightforward process to prevent those unwanted lines

Presuming the paper that you are using in your Canon device doesn’t already show up in the printer’s media menu, you can ensure the best possible results by obtaining and loading the correct ICC paper profile.

Alternatively, you might need a more immediate “banding” remedy. If that’s the case for you, head to the printer menu’s Paper Feed Adjustment setting. You can find it by tapping the Settings icon on the home screen, and then Maintenance, before the Paper Feed Adjustment option appears. From there, set Priority, followed by selecting the paper and Prioritise Print Quality.

There might be a need for further fine-tuning to make sure “banding” doesn’t appear on your prints. If so, again, tap Settings from the home screen and select Maintenance, but this time, opt for Paper Feed Fine Adjustment.

You will see values here ranging from -5 to 5. If you wish to prevent dark bands, choose a value from 1 to 5. If it is light bands that you need to eliminate, go for a setting between -1 and -5.

Provided that you take the time to experiment with these settings as necessary, it won’t be long before your prints are looking perfect again, free of the hated “banding”.

Allow our team to help guide you towards the most suitable printer

When it comes to your full breadth of wide-format design, graphic, and reprographic needs – whether or not you are also in the market for Canon large-format printers or the devices of other brands – you can trust our experts.

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