Everyone loves to save money on essentials, particularly in a climate like the current one that has been so challenging for individuals and organisations alike, and that continues to be so.

With that in mind, it heartened us here at Prizma Graphics to learn of a summer promotion that Canon is running on many of its wide-format printers until 30th December 2023.

Included in the promotion are a variety of Canon large-format printers from the PRO, GP, and TX ranges, with a two-year on-site warranty available, rather than the usual one-year warranty.

The perfect excuse to upgrade your machine during 2023

And the news gets even better; a Trade-in/Upgrade Reward Programme is available, whereby you can enjoy a discount on your new Canon large-format printer when you trade in your old non-Canon/Oce printer at the time of purchase.

The following reductions are on offer against each of the Canon large-format printers that are included in this promotion:

  • £400 off the Canon PRO-2100, which is an A1 24” 12-colour printer that can be counted on to produce excellent-quality prints for the graphic, fine art, and print-for-pay markets;
  • £400 off the Canon GP-2000, which is the world’s first Pantone calibrated printer for Pantone Pastel & Neon Guide Coated, and offers an impressively wide colour gamut;
  • £500 off the Canon PRO-4100S, which is a 1118mm 44” eight-colour printer for the production of vibrant and clear graphics and posters, using Canon’s Lucia Pro pigment ink;
  • £500 off the Canon PRO-4100, which makes possible rapid production and vivid colour expression across a range of photographic and fine art prints, with the help of advanced image processing;
  • £500 off the Canon GP-4000, a compact 11-colour poster printer with a wide colour gamut, and featuring no fewer than five new colours – red, orange, green, violet, and fluorescent pink for producing neon and pastel shades;
  • £2,000 off the Canon PRO-6100S, which – with its automated processes and advanced image processing – is easy to use and offers formidable accuracy and security as a 1524mm 60” printer;
  • £2,000 off the Canon PRO-6100, which – with its 12-colour printhead and use of Lucia Pro pigment ink – could be the ultimate investment for those wishing to print high-definition graphics, posters and fine art;
  • £400 off the Canon TX-3100, which is a fast, flexible, and efficient A0 36” machine for the production of CAD drawings and posters, complete with free-size borderless printing;
  • £450 off the Canon TX-4100, a 44” 1118mm CAD and general-purpose printer that can deliver a fast printing speed of up to 3.2ppm for A1 CAD drawings, and that also offers a smart media handling system and scope for uninterrupted ink tank replacement.

Are you struggling to pick out the right Canon printer model for you?

With such a bewildering array of high-performing and feature-rich Canon large-format printers included in this promotion, we can understand if you find it a tricky process to narrow down your options.

That’s why you might decide to reach out to the Prizma Graphics team for advice and guidance, as you can do by sending us an email or calling 01296 393700. Together, we can help ensure you are well-informed when you are comparing the latest Canon large-format printers for sale in 2023.