If you’re on the lookout for a photo satin paper that has better environmental credentials than non-recyclable standard photo papers, our 220gsm Hahnemühle Sustainable Photo Satin Paper could be an excellent choice.

While polyethene-based (PE) inkjet photo papers have their merits, the papers in the Hahnemühle Sustainable Photo Satin range lend themselves brilliantly to photo and poster printing that is visually impressive and eco-friendly.

Why is traditional photo paper such a problem – and what makes Hahnemühle Sustainable Photo Satin superior? 

Not everyone who seeks out photo satin paper for any of a variety of applications, necessarily realises that standard photo paper incorporates a plastic coating and cannot be recycled.

Hahnemühle Sustainable Photo Satin isn’t just “any old” photo satin paper; it is the first “photo” paper that doesn’t have a plastic coating at all. Instead, it uses a newly developed bio inkjet coating, which doesn’t consist of any plastic composites or film.

With there not being any PE coating on this 220gsm paper, it is entirely recyclable via the wastepaper cycle.

So, if you are a decision-maker for an organisation that is determined to optimise the sustainability of its operations, you will be thankful for the ability to simply dispose of Hahnemühle Sustainable Photo Satin via normal recycling, without any worry about the paper having to go to landfill.

You will also, however, love the results that this photo satin paper makes possible

The paper that makes up the Hahnemühle Sustainable Photo Satin range – which is suitable for pigment and dye-based inks – is available from the Prizma Graphics online store in 17” 432mm x 30m, 24” 610mm x 30m, 44” 1118mm x 30m, and 60” 1524mm x 30m rolls.

We also presently have an A3+ 100-sheet pack of this paper available for a special promotion price of £119 per pack, excluding VAT. Each measuring 12.95 x 19.02 inches, the 100 sheets in this pack effectively give you 100 ways to reduce your printing footprint as an organisation.

Other pack sizes are available, and we can also provide sample packs on request.

All these options will help you find the ideal match of paper dimensions for your project. Moreover, you are sure to love the velvety smooth surface of this 100% a-cellulose photo satin paper – perfect for applications where you desire a bright white, non-textured finish.

Do you have any questions about our Hahnemühle Sustainable Photo Satin Paper, or any of the other media in offer across our online store? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact Prizma Graphics’ experts today. You can reach us via email or by calling 01296 393700.