In a recent news update of ours here at Prizma Graphics, we drew attention to Canon’s introduction of new A0 and A1 TM Series printers. As trusted and long-time stockists of Canon large-format printers, we are certainly pleased to make available the new A0 TM-355, TM-350, and TM-340, as well as the A1 TM-255 and TM-240 devices, to our customers.

For today’s article, though, we decided we would put the spotlight on one specific aspect of these devices: the print speeds they are capable of, compared to obvious alternatives.

Speed is of the essence when it comes to all manner of print assignments

Almost regardless of the applications you may have in mind for your next A0 or A1 printer, you will almost certainly appreciate a device that can produce results fast. Unfortunately, with all too many printers, even the process of waiting for the machine to wake up can be time-consuming, never mind the speed of the print operation itself.

Thankfully, that’s not a problem with Canon’s latest additions to its ImagePROGRAF TM Series range. Compared to previous Canon large-format printers and the possibilities on offer from rival manufacturers, these machines offer formidable speed and productivity.

Consider, for example, that the new Canon TM-350 and TM-355 wake up in just 12 seconds, compared to 24 seconds for the Canon TM-300, and 25 seconds if you depend on the HP T730 at your premises.

And it’s a similar story when the printing process itself gets going; as many as 3.2 prints per minute can be produced by the Canon TM-350 and TM-355, whereas the TM-300 manages 2.5 prints every minute, and users of the HP T730 have to make do with a speed of 1.5 prints for every 60 seconds that pass.

Remember: it will barely cost you any extra to print in colour

There’s something else we should probably emphasise to those who choose one of the new Canon large-format printers from the TM Series range, perhaps having only been interested in acquiring a monochrome printer for the purposes of black and white prints.

That message is: don’t forget that all ink colours will need to be in your printer, for the machine to be able to operate! Still, this brings an obvious positive: there will be barely any difference in your printing costs whether you produce mono CAD prints, or instead colour prints.

With that in mind, as the owner and user of a new Canon TM Series printer that is capable of both mono and colour production, you might be tempted to progress from purely mono prints, to using the same device to create colour CAD prints and even vibrant-looking posters. In other words, you will be able to expand your printing portfolio with no need to invest in an additional, separate printer.

Don’t forget, too, that purchasing a new Canon ImagePROGRAF printer also means being able to take advantage of the plentiful free inks that will be included in the box. So, the Canon wide-format printer that you have just invested in could represent an even more comprehensive solution than you initially expect.

To learn more about the finer points of our latest available HP and Canon large-format printers, and to receive advice and guidance on the products in our stock that may represent the best match to your needs, please don’t hesitate to enquire to the Prizma Graphics team today, via phone or email.