Have you recently been comparing wide-format CAD printers, perhaps with a view to investing in a model that would enable you to produce presentable CAD construction and design drawings? Or maybe you need your next large-format printer to be able to create great-looking school classroom displays, or even retail or restaurant posters?

Whatever your exact expectations may be from such a printer, it could be well worth considering the five new printers that Canon has recently introduced to its TM Series.

These options consist of three new A0 printers – the TM-355, TM-350, and TM-340 – as well as two new A1 printers, the TM-255 and TM-240.

But what are some of the features and aspects of these Canon ImagePROGRAF TM Series devices that could help make them an especially sensible choice for your own needs?

Compact and sophisticated designs and labour-saving features 

If you do decide to purchase one of these Canon wide-format CAD printers, you will be able to look forward to a refined body design and modest footprint. This, even if you opt for a model that also incorporates optional scanning functionality, will enable you to fit the machine into a convenient part of almost any retail or office space.

These printers sport a new flat-top design, which allows for the easier switching of paper rolls. And that’s far from the only potentially labour-saving feature on this new range of devices, which are also able to automatically detect and display paper type, alongside estimating how much paper is remaining.

A further feature of these ImagePROGRAF TM Series printers is the incorporation of a newly developed L-COA PRO II image processing engine, which allows for rapid startup.

Indeed, if your new printer is the TM-355 or TM-350 model, you will be able to take advantage of printing speeds as high as 3.2 pages per minute (ppm) – an approximately 28% improvement on past models, and just the thing for those especially time-critical printing assignments.

Impressively vibrant print results, with real-world benefits

All of this is before we even touch on the fact that all five of these new Canon printers feature a newly formulated magenta ink. Indeed, the ink enhancements for these TM Series devices help to make even prints on uncoated paper look so much more vibrant.

The combination of a newly designed image processing table and optimised magenta ink, means that users of these devices can be sure of excellent red colour development, with this delivering impressively vivid reproduction and sharper contrasts.

Such ink improvements have “real-world” benefits for users of these TM Series printers. They allow for greater clarity to be achieved, for example, when it comes to highlighting corrections and revisions in CAD drawings, or drawing attention to critical technical annotations.

These five devices make use of all-colour pigment ink that is also water-resistant. This makes possible the production of posters and point-of-sale items that don’t merely attract attention from the moment they are displayed, but will also continue doing so for a while to come, not fading easily when exposed to outdoor conditions.

We can help you decide on the most suitable wide-format poster or CAD printer for your needs

With so many options available for wide-format CAD printers and poster printers from trusted brands like Canon and HP, we can understand you feeling a bit overwhelmed when you are next in the market for such a device.

So, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Prizma Graphics team for further tailored advice and guidance. You can contact us by email or by phoning 01296 393700. When you do, we will be pleased to discuss your requirements and expectations with you, followed by guiding towards the options in our online store that may represent the best match.