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Working from home? Then you’re likely to love the versatile Colortrac SmartLF Scan

Posted by Louise 20/03/2020 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

These are exceptional times and circumstances that necessitate exceptional solutions – and when you’re on the lookout for such solutions for use at home, in the office or ‘on the go’, you may struggle to find a superior large-format scanner to the Colortrac SmartLF Scan.


This highly versatile device – available in both A1 24” and A0 36” variants – is no less than the world’s first self-contained scanner for large-format drawings, CAD and technical documents.


A small and lightweight scanner of remarkable relevance


Much of the merit of the Colortrac SmartLF Scan large-format scanner lies in its undeniable light weight and portability, the A1 version weighing just 5.2kg, and the A0 model 7kg.


However, even more remarkable than this – or the strong carry case it is supplied with – are the various sophisticated and convenient features that will prove invaluable when you are taking this large-format scanner from one location to another.


Drawing upon Colortrac’s patented SingleSensor technology, the SmartLF Scan doesn’t need to be connected to a PC in order to produce stunningly accurate colour scans.


Instead, it is a truly ‘plug in and play’, self-contained solution, capable of scanning to PDF, JPEG and TIFF and saving those scans to its own on-board 6GB memory – equivalent to eight A1 drawings – so you can produce drawings by hand, scan to your PC and then email to clients, colleagues and Councils for planning applications. A great in-house, time-saving solution that also makes trips to your local print shop a thing of the past. 


Alternatively, if working on site, on the move changes can be made to your working drawings, saved to the scanner and stored directly on a USB memory stick, which can then be plugged into a PC when convenient to access the documents and emailed as necessary.


A wealth of options for on-the-go users


Nor are storing scans in the scanner for transfer later, or storing them directly on a USB stick, the only possibilities when you have the Colortrac SmartLF Scan at your disposal.


That’s because other options include transferring directly to a local or networked PC, sending the scans via email using your iPhone or iPad, or storing them in the cloud – the latter again with the help of your Apple iDevices.


Mac users, meanwhile, can scan to their memory stick and then plug the memory stick into their Mac. Indeed, the SmartLF Scan is an excellent solution for Mac users, as there are currently no Mac-compatible wide-format scanners.


This, then, isn’t just a large-format scanner that can be depended on to produce high-quality scans, but also one that is beautifully designed and easy to use at any given time, whether you are on the road, working from home, on site or at your desk.


Take advantage of our tempting special-offer prices


Whether you intend to mainly use the Colortrac SmartLF Scan for home working, the office, transporting between site locations or a combination of these, there’s one more very good reason to purchase yours from Prizma Graphics.


That reason is our pricing! In fact, prospective purchasers can currently have the A1 24” version of the scanner for £1,275 plus VAT, rising to £1,695 plus VAT in the case of the A0 36” variant.


This all means there’s no need to consider any other option for your next lightweight and versatile colour scanner amid our presently rapidly changing times. For more direct advice about any of these products or our other stock here at Prizma Graphics, please do not hesitate to call us today on 01296 393700. 

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