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Why the users of Canon large-format printers really should be using genuine manufacturer inks

Posted by Louise 16/04/2021 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

When you acquire a Canon wide-format printer, such as one of our Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printers here at Prizma Graphics – or for that matter, any other machine from the recent ImagePROGRAF PRO, TM or TX series – there are certain things you can be absolutely sure of. Among those is the very highest print quality.


One key factor that will always impact on the print results you achieve, however, will be the inks you use. In this regard, it is understandable – to a certain degree – why you may be initially drawn to the various non-genuine inks on the market, including the popular ‘compatible’ or ‘remanufactured’ options.


After all, if these inks have a lower headline price, how likely is it that many observers will actually notice the difference between the results of non-genuine and genuine inks?


If you desire peace of mind, seek out genuine Canon inks


There are many good reasons why, here at Prizma Graphics, we especially urge the users of Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printers and other popular devices from this brand – such as the PRO-2100 and PRO-4100 models – to only place their trust in genuine Canon inks.


The purchasers of such Canon large-format printers typically do so for highly specialised applications, such as the creation of banners, signs, photographs, posters, fine art prints and/or technical drawings, for which it is of critical importance to achieve the best possible print quality.


Furthermore, the most recently developed genuine Canon inks designed for use with today’s Canon wide-format printers incorporate various innovations to help make these high standards a reality.


The ImagePROGRAF PRO, TX, TM and TA series devices, for instance, have been designed to use inks that are UV-resistant, capable of lasting for as long as a century without noticeable fading. These inks can also stand up to humidity and rain, which makes them an excellent choice for outdoor applications.


LUCIA: a name synonymous with the highest print standards


When comparing the specification sheets of Canon wide-format printers like those in our stock at Prizma Graphics, you may have noticed the frequent mention of the ‘LUCIA’ name in reference to their inks. These inks, in themselves, are a great reason to choose a current Canon large-format printer.


Such inks in use across the present Canon printer range include the LUCIA TD inks of the ImagePROGRAF TX, TM and TA series machines. These five-colour pigment inks have been specially developed with water-resistant and uncoated paper types in mind, which helps them to deliver superb-looking print results on such surfaces. Furthermore, in the case of the matte black ink, a high level of surface tension prevents the ink droplets from running on the paper.


As for if your Canon printer is a PRO series model, the LUCIA PRO ink system used with these devices consists of no fewer than 11 colours, as well as the Chroma Optimiser. The latter is a clear coat finish covering the tiny gaps between individual ink droplets, thereby warding off bronzing effects and creating an even surface. The LUCIA PRO pigment inks themselves, meanwhile, are characterised by high colour dynamics and print results that show ultra-fine nuances in the details.


When choosing between genuine and non-genuine inks, don’t take a chance


Your chances of achieving remarkable print outcomes like the above are put at risk when you use non-genuine inks with your Canon large-format printer. These inks have not been tested by Canon, so it is impossible to be certain about the results that they will produce.


In fact, not only can the print results be underwhelming when you use non-genuine inks with your Canon device, but in doing so, you may also heighten the risk of leaking cartridges or your printer malfunctioning.


By contrast, Canon’s own inks are rigorously tested to ensure they can be depended on to consistently produce the vivid colours, fine lines and outstanding image quality that users across the world – and across the industries – associate with Canon. That’s why Canon themselves – and our own team – strongly urge you to choose genuine Canon inks.


For more information about all things Canon wide-format printers – including our highly regarded Canon ImagePROGRAF PRO-1000 printers here at Prizma Graphics, as well as our broad range of Canon inks – please don’t hesitate to enquire to our team. We’ll always be committed to providing you with leading wide-format printing solutions, including printers, media and inks alike.


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