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What difference can Canon’s Chroma Optimiser links make to your glossy photo prints?

Posted by Louise 06/10/2023 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

Japan’s Canon has long been synonymous with the latest and greatest in printing innovation, and those innovations do not solely emerge from the most recent Canon large-format printers themselves. An excellent case in point is the brand’s ImagePROGRAF Chroma Optimiser inks.

In “normal” circumstances, a glossy photo print can often look amazing when it is produced by a wide-format printer. However, in settings where there is a lot of light reflection – for example, a space surrounded by white walls – such glossy prints can frequently be difficult to view. You might find yourself having to move your head about or tilt the photo, simply to give yourself a clear view of every part of the print.

This problem will not arise, however, when the large-format printer that is used for the production of glossy photos is a 12-ink Canon ImagePROGRAF one.

This is very much down to the magic (well, we should probably say science) of Canon’s own Chroma Optimiser. But what exactly is it, and what else do you need to know if you wish to make the greatest use of it?

Choose Canon’s LUCIA PRO inks and printers to achieve better outcomes from your glossy images

Investing in a 12-ink Canon PRO Series printer – and the associated LUCIA PRO inks – means you can take advantage of Chroma Optimiser.

So, not only will the colours in your glossy photo prints be truly brought to life, and details enhanced in even the darkest areas of the printed image, but the reflected light will also be diffused. This will help to ensure you can appreciate a stunning-looking glossy print for what it is supposed to look like, without the need to tilt, bob, and weave in order to take in every element.

With the Chroma Optimiser of LUCIA PRO absorbing and reducing reflective light on the printout, and optimally controlling the diffused light that expresses colour, you can be sure that the original image data will be faithfully reproduced.

And crucially, you won’t have to depend on being in certain viewing conditions – such as a room with purely black walls, and thereby reduced scope for light reflection – in order to immerse yourself in the image as it was always meant to be.

But that’s not all – be sure to pair your Canon ImagePROGRAF device with the right papers…

It would be remiss of us to conclude this article without us also drawing attention to the various photo papers that Canon has developed, and that serve as excellent complements to the visual power of the brand’s LUCIA PRO inks and Chroma Optimiser.

Those papers – as you can take advantage of in the Prizma Graphics online store right now – encompass 190gsm satin and gloss instant dry inkjet papers, as well as 260gsm varieties, again in both satin and gloss finishes.

All of these papers can be instrumental in your efforts to achieve genuinely photo-realistic inkjet printed images that are convincingly vivid and sharp. Having said that, it is worth bearing in mind that Chroma Optimiser is used only for glossy-type papers.

Prizma Graphics can guide you towards the products that will best cater to your needs

All in all, whatever your preferences and requirements may be when it comes to your glossy printing projects as an individual or organisation, you can count on Prizma Graphics to give you the best possible products and advice.

Simply reach out to us today via phone or email, to receive help and recommendations in relation to the latest Canon large-format printers, papers, inks, and other items in our stock.

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