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What are the best printers for interior design graphics?

Posted by Louise 21/07/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,HP,Canon,

If you have been reading our recent blog posts here at Prizma Graphics discussing such media as photo papers, wallpaper and fabric, you’ll know there are few stores as generously stocked as ours when you require such paper and media that yields the best possible results from your printer.


However, the right choice of media for your given application is one matter, and ensuring you have the most suitable printer for use with such media is another. Alternatively, you might already have an excellent printer for the intended job, but are unsure of exactly what can be achieved.


Regardless, the focus of our blog post today is on the best printers for interior design graphics – and there’s no doubt of the sheer breadth and depth of this field that can seemingly make your ultimate choice tricky.


The right printer can be instrumental in delivering brilliant results


Our last few blog articles have disclosed some of the media that can lend itself especially well to the production of truly stunning posters, displays, wall decor, art, banners, tablecloths, cushions, blinds and curtains – to name just some of the interior design applications that you may have in mind for your printers and media.


The truth of the matter, however, is that if you wish to achieve the highest-quality output on these media, you will need a pigment inkjet printer. Prizma Graphics recommends both HP and Canon printers for the creation of interior design projects.


The HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9+ make exceptional projects possible


HP’s latest DesignJet Z6 and Z9+ printers offer all of the sophistication that you require for your interior design assignments, with HP’s Vivid Photo Inks allowing for the production of fade-resistant prints. The integrated dual drop technology also ensures there is no need for light inks, while HP Pixel Control enables the achievement of convincingly smooth gradients even with challenging colour combinations.


These acclaimed machines can be specified in both 24” and 44” variants. Meanwhile, as the respective names of these printers indicate, the Z6 uses six ink cartridges – namely cyan, magenta, yellow, matte black, photo black and chromatic red – compared to the Z9+’s nine, with chromatic green, chromatic blue and grey being added to the list.


Alternatively, you may find your needs met by a Canon wide format printer


Canon is the other great name in wide format printing that we are happy to recommend to those overseeing interior design projects. Our options here include the imagePROGRAF iPF6400SE A1 six-colour poster printer, currently on special offer with limited stocks available, together with four 12-colour machines, again under the imagePROGRAF banner: the A2 PRO-1000, A1 PRO-2000, 44” PRO-4000 and 60” PRO-6000.  


Among these printers’ industry-leading features is a new 1.28” print head that enables fast output with stunning colour gamut and impressive tonal effects. Then, there are the LUCIA PRO 12 inks, which produce richer colours and deeper blacks to ensure that those resultant curtains, cushions and tablecloths really do look like you expected them to.


Contact the Prizma Graphics team for further advice and guidance


Are you struggling to decide on the most appropriate HP or Canon wide format printer for the needs of your own organisation or application, bearing in mind such factors as price, print quality and productivity? If so, simply call the Prizma Graphics sales team now on 01296 393700, so that we can give you the benefit of our considerable knowledge and experience.

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