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Welcome to the ‘Green Zone’ – our focal point for environmentally friendly printing solutions

Posted by Louise 06/12/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,HP,Canon,

It probably won’t have escaped your notice that recent years and months have seen a heightened focus on climate change across the media, including the associated need for us all to review our personal impact on the environment.


It is in this spirit that as a business here at Prizma Graphics, we constantly review and expand our own product range, so that it incorporates the recycled products that enable ourselves and our customers to face up to the shared climate threat.


In fact, we’re even now going as far as developing a whole new section of our website – the ‘Green Zone’ – that shoppers will be able to browse to discover the latest and most environmentally friendly printing media. Here, then, are a few examples of those products.


You can depend on us for the finest in FSC-certified paper


Before we go any further, it is worth noting that even many of our standard inkjet papers can help your organisation to fulfil its environmental responsibilities, having been sourced for many years from mills that meet Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) standards.


This means the papers in question are FSC-certified, signalling that they have been harvested in an environmentally responsible manner. It is a system that gives you vital assurance of products such as wood and paper being able to be tracked from the source, through the manufacturing process to the end user.


What about our highly rated recycled products?


Conscientious shoppers on the lookout for printing media will also be able to find various recycled products across our range. These include – for those seeking out recycled inkjet paper rolls80gsm Canon Recycled Inkjet Paper, in addition to 330gsm HP Recycled Satin Canvas.


More specifically, the Canon paper carries the Oce branding and is manufactured with zero carbon dioxide emissions during the entire process. You can be confident that this 100% recycled ultra-white report-grade plotter paper is well-suited to high-resolution monochrome and line colour work. It is a super-smooth paper that can be depended on to deliver excellent inkjet performance and print results, whether a HP, Oce, Canon, Epson or Encad dye and pigment inkjet printer is used.


As for the HP Recycled Satin Canvas, this revolutionary product is available in a range of sizes – including 44”, 60”, A0 36” and A1 24” – and is a high-quality, instant-dry bright white satin canvas, entirely made with yarn from waste plastic water bottles. It is REACH compliant, confirming it meets environmental goals. It has a slightly textured surface with a satin coating which eliminates the need to add a varnish top coat and will not crack when stretched. It’s precise colour projection makes this a superb choice for the production of wraps, photos, retail and hospitality decor prints.


Even eco-friendly display and mounting boards are available


If you are in the market for an environmentally friendly alternative to the typical foamboard, why not consider our Eaglecell white display boards? While these boards are manufactured from 100% paper, they convincingly combine strength with lightness, due to the core’s fabrication to form a series of triangular cells, resulting in a unique ‘honeycomb’ appearance. It is also 100% recycleable and repulpable with other paper products, negating any long term impact on the environment.


Biodegradable foamboard is available too, however, under our own Prizma Graphics brand, consisting of 15% recycled content and formulated with bio resins that cause the discarded foamboard to degrade in landfills to leave environmentally safe biomass composts. It is a very effective foamboard when in use as well, of course, its lightweight polystyrene core backed onto a card and paper liner lending itself well to various artwork uses, such as presentations and model making. It is well worth bearing in mind that conventional foamboards will take between 80 to 450 years to biodegrade.  Not so with our biodegradable foam board, its exclusive polystyrene centre requires 1 to 5 years for 100% breakdown.


Our responsible packaging commitment


Here at Prizma Graphics, we are continually striving to reduce our environmental impact through the ongoing assessment of our packaging methods and the reduction of our plastics usage, while still ensuring goods arrive in perfect condition.


This review policy has led us to cease using bubble wrap for packaging, for example, replacing it with corrugated card, while we also do not use any heavy-duty plastic strapping.


One more thing...


Finally, another aspect of our approach to ensuring the genuine sustainability of our operations is our constant search for new environmentally friendly products to expand our Green Zone range.


We are always reaching out to paper mills and inkjet product manufacturing companies, and would be pleased to help with any research in this area, and to promote products that will help us all to reduce our impact on the environment. To learn more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Prizma Graphics team today.


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