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We provide the perfect media for use as customised wrapping paper

Posted by Louise 11/10/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

As the festive season nears, many businesses that are customers of ours here at Prizma Graphics – including both online and offline retail stores and print shops – will be gearing up for the rush of demand that the weeks leading up to Christmas inevitably bring. 


Furthermore, of all of the essentials that such firms will need to purchase in bulk for the intense Yuletide shopping season, wrapping paper that can be used as customised gift wrap is sure to rank highly. So, what do we have to offer your own business in this product category?


For which purposes may your firm seek such media?


Your business may be in need of the ideal media for the creation of personalised wrapping paper adorned with the customer’s name, photos and individual design, for such occasions as not only Christmas, but any celebratory occasion including Valentine’s Day and birthdays.


Many print shops give their customers the option of such a personalised wrapping paper print service – in which case, the right quality paper for this task is sure to heighten the positive perception that the customer has of you.


Such personalised wrapping paper could even feature witty slogans, or indeed, any other elements that the customer may request – within reason. One popular choice from customers for their personalised wrapping paper, for instance, is the incorporation of photos of their friends and family, which makes for an interesting twist on the usual over-familiar generic wrapping paper designs.


Or perhaps your retail store is looking to have its wrapping paper printed with its own brand name and logo, as will likely be useful for your store and product marketing and any gift wrapping service that you intend to offer to customers this season?


Wrapping paper that suits any wide-format inkjet printer


We are pleased here at Prizma Graphics to be able to cater for all aforementioned types of organisation with our own 100gsm matt smooth white inkjet wrapping paper that is perfectly suited for creating customised gift wrap.


This paper is available in rolls of three sizes – 610mm x 45m, 914mm x 45m and 841mm x 45m. It is a super-smooth matt coated paper that enables genuine photo-quality printing, while also being practical in other respects. Not only does it dry instantly, for example, but it also incorporates a barrier back coating to minimise cockling. A high level of opacity is also assured, as is crucial for obscuring the wrapped gift.


This is the ideal easy-to-use lightweight paper for custom wrapping paper purposes, not least given that it is also easy to fold whilst still maintaining the feel and look of traditional wrapping paper – and tape can be applied to it as soon as the ink is dry. Furthermore, it is suitable for use with any wide-format inkjet printer using dye and pigment inks, including machines from HP, Canon and Epson.


That means whether you are using such a device as the latest Canon TM 205 inkjet printer or all manner of other models from respected manufacturers including HP and Epson, you can be sure of consistently brilliant results when producing custom wrapping paper.


Call us for your free sample of inkjet printable wrapping paper


The more evidence you have of our gift wrap paper being the right choice for your customers requirements, the more confident you will probably be to make a purchase.


That’s why the Prizma Graphics team is happy to send you a free sample for you to test using your own printer. Simply call 01296 393700 to request your wrapping paper sample today. 

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