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We have the right outdoor banner media for your wide-format printing

Posted by Louise 03/06/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

Images intended to be used as outdoor banners and signage need to catch the eye and stand up to the elements over what may be a long period of time. That’s why you will need to carefully consider which outdoor banner media will be best suited for use with whatever machine you or your organisation is presently using for wide-format printing


Thankfully, we give you all of the finest options regardless here at Prizma Graphics, including for inkjet, latex and solvent printers alike. Nonetheless, here are some of the factors you will need to bear in mind when you are on the lookout for this specialised kind of wide-format printing media.


How do these types of printer vary?


The exact process that your current machine uses to print will greatly impact on the most suitable outdoor banner media for the job.


Inkjet printers, for instance, use aqueous water-based dye and pigment inks. The water resistant nature of pigment inks will help to lessen your worries when you are looking to print a banner or signage for use outdoors. However, you should still choose media that has been specifically designed for use with a wide-format dye and pigment inkjet printer, if you are to be sure of the best results.


Also waterproof and waterfast, and therefore a sound choice for outdoor applications, is the water-based liquid ink customarily used in latex printers, and which is carried with latex polymer and pigment particles to the surface of the given media. Heat is then applied to these inks to achieve the water-resistant effect that makes them suitable for outdoor applications.


Finally, solvent printers are also commonly used for the creation of outdoor banners and signage, thanks to the highly durable and waterfast nature of the inks they use. Eco solvent inks are suspended in a mild biodegradable solvent with no odour, instead of being water-based, as the aforementioned two ink types are.


Get the best results from your wide-format printing with these banners, films and rolls   


There are many sound reasons to turn to Prizma Graphics for your wide-format printing media – not least our competitive pricing and highly customer-focused service. However, one of the best is undoubtedly our ability to bring you media that has been fully tested for use with the printing process that your own machine uses.


If, for instance, you are in need of the perfect outdoor banner media for your inkjet printer, we will be pleased to present you with such options under our own name as our Gloss Tear Proof Banner Film (CJTPBG) and Matt Tear Proof Banner Film (CJTPB). Both of these films are water-resistant when pigment inks are applied to them, and suitable for short-term outdoor banners. You also have the option of framing or mounting these banners onto a rigid PVC board for display.


Also water-resistant with pigment inks, however, are our Scrim Vinyl Indoor/Outdoor Banners (CJSBC), which are – again – a sound choice for short-term outdoor banners. This reinforced banner media can also be punched and eyeleted for hanging displays.


What if you’re using a latex or solvent printer?


Again, if you use either of these types of machine for your wide-format printing, you can be confident in always sourcing the best media from us for the production of outdoor banners and signage.


Our Latex PVC Scrim Vinyl Banner (LLMSV) is a case in point, thanks to its waterproof and tearproof characteristics that help to make it the ideal choice for high-quality banners and signage; indeed, you can leave such printed media outside for as long as one or two years.


For solvent printers, though, we can offer an equivalent Matt Scrim Vinyl (SFLB), available in 50-metre rolls at an excellent price. Regardless, both of these high-strength banner media options are reinforced 440gsm scrim vinyls that are perfect for frontlit displays; they can also be punched, eyeleted, stitched or welded for use as hanging banners.


Finally, we can also supply Mesh Banner rolls for both latex (LLMB) and solvent printers (SMB300). These options for banner media incorporate a release liner for easy transportation through the printers. They are smooth woven polyester banners that combine a light weight with strength, while sporting mesh holes to enable the wind to pass through.


You may choose these Mesh Banners for signs and displays that need to be viewable from long distances, such as for scaffolding wrapped around buildings.


Ask us for samples to ensure you make the right choice


The more evidence you have of a given outdoor banner media delivering the right results for whatever application you have in mind, the more confident you will probably be to make a purchase.


That’s why the Prizma Graphics team is happy to send you samples of any of these products on request, so that you can test the media using your own printer. Simply call 01296 393700 for further information.

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