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The new HP DesignJet T530: a fitting successor to the T520 for architects, interior designers, engineers and construction professionals

Posted by Louise 27/09/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,HP,

When, as a professional in such a field as architecture, interior design, construction or engineering, you are seeking a highly functional and lightweight general-purpose printer, the only recently introduced HP DesignJet T530 may be well worth your consideration.


There are two variants available of this new large-format inkjet printer that replaces the popular HP DesignJet T520, and whether you ultimately buy the T530 general-purpose A0 plotter or instead its A0 counterpart, you can expect space saving compact dimensions, this is in fact the smallest wide format plotter available on the market, along with a swift printing speed.


What features do these new plotters offer?


The two versions of these printers that you can now purchase here at Prizma Graphics are the 24” A1 5ZY60A and the 36” A0 5ZY62A models.


Both variants offer a host of invaluable features for the aforementioned target users, including an A3/A4 cut sheet paper tray, WiFi connectivity and compatibility with the same four inks – cyan, magenta, yellow and pigment black – as the HP T520. 


As cited above, however, print speed is another excellent reason to purchase the T530; the A1 24” model is capable of print speeds of up to 30 seconds for an A1 print, with 70 A1 CAD prints an hour possible using HP GL/2 print language as standard.


Meanwhile, the A0 36” model is even quicker, with the ability to achieve print speeds of up to 27 seconds, enabling 79 A1 CAD prints to be produced per hour. For both models, print speeds are faster than the HP T525 could offer.


Take advantage of the right software, not just the right hardware


As impressive as these printers are from a hardware perspective alone, you can also be sure of getting more out of them thanks to the software that they incorporate.


HP has always been renowned for the software and solutions that it packages with its machines, and when you purchase the T530, you can look forward to tapping into HP Click software for speeding up PDF printing, as well as the HP Smart app for accessing files and the free HP Poster Web app.


Acquire the ideal HP T530 for your office right here at Prizma Graphics


When you consider all of these benefits alongside both machines’ 1GB memory, two-year HP warranty and the full range of inkjet paper rolls that we can supply to fit the T530, you can probably begin to understand why we have already received so many orders for these acclaimed plotters.


Indeed, the paper rolls available from our online store for the T530 range from CAD papers and presentation papers to tracing, photo and art papers – so you really can be assured of all of the media you’ll require to derive the maximum value from your printer.


Why not buy the T530 general-purpose A0 plotter or the A1 model from Prizma Graphics today, then, so that you can immediately take advantage of our competitive pricing and swift delivery, as well as the all-encompassing functionality and efficiency of this highly rated line of printers?

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