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The latest news on our range of self-adhesive media

Posted by Liz 12/06/2018 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

Having recently expanded our range of self-adhesive inkjet paper rolls, we thought that here at Prizma Graphics, we would put together an easy to follow guide on how to select the right self-adhesive product for so many different applications and uses. No need for time consuming mounting of your graphic images with self-adhesive sprays and mount film when there is the perfect solution right here for you to choose. All are suitable for use with both dye or pigment wide format inkjet printers including HP, Oce, Canon and Epson.


Self-adhesive vinyl


We are delighted to be able to offer a traditional matt white self-adhesive inkjet vinyl film 120 micron roll (CJMWAV) that combines a permanent self-adhesive with a thick paper backing that is easy to peel. It is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor permanent signage with good colour density, especially as the coating is scratch resistant, instant drying and non-reflective; however for outdoor graphics we recommend using pigment inks only as these are waterproof. Laminating your images is also a good option for additional outdoor protection.


However, also in our stock is CJAGV gloss vinyl film 115 micron that incorporates a semi-permanent adhesive. This may be a better option if at some stage you wish to remove your graphics. Again, this has a thick paper back liner which saves time when removing. However, it’s the microporous coating enabling the production of instant-drying and water-resistant photographic prints that is a true time saver, allowing you to handle your prints immediately after printing. Due to its highly conformable nature, it is also easy to stretch this film around corners.


Not all graphic displays are required permanently. A great option for temporary displays, event signage and point of sale where graphic images can be easily removed when no longer required is our removable self-adhesive matt white vinyl 80 micron (CJRMSAV). This is an easy to use outdoor vinyl made with softened PVC and has a semi-permanent adhesive making it ideal for medium term internal and external displays. The bright white, matt coating creates stunning prints with great colour depth which are waterproof when printed with pigment inks.


Self-adhesive polyprop


Both matt polyprop film 80 micron (CJSAG) and gloss polyprop film 190 micron (CJSAGPP) can be purchased from us as a less expensive alternative to vinyl. These popular papers do not stretch like vinyl or tear like paper, making them a perfect choice for so many applications including large format signage, graphic displays and point of sale that need to be able to withstand handling. With its instant-drying, waterfast and scratch-resistant coating, this paper allows you to create attractive, stunning full-colour graphic displays for both indoor and outdoor use. Again, we recommend using pigment inks which are waterproof for outdoor use, with the additional option of laminating your prints for further outdoor protection.


Self-adhesive paper


One of the main advantages of our CJAPP self-adhesive matt coated outdoor inkjet paper 240gsm is its ability to accept high ink resolutions of up to 1440dpi, without paper cockling, and with excellent edge definition of your images allowing you to create high quality, full colour photographic images. This paper also has a thick paper backing with a permanent self-adhesive allowing it to be mounted to most surfaces. This makes it ideal, not only for mounting onto foam board and foamex, but also for packaging mock-ups with curved surfaces such as bottles. The coating on this paper is fast-drying and water resistant, if using pigment inks, allowing you the option for both indoor and outdoor use.


Self-adhesive clear film


Our CJSACF clear gloss PVC film 140 micron, with its semi-permanent adhesive and thick paper back liner, is designed to stick to smooth surfaces such as aluminium, wood and glass making it a versatile choice for so many applications where transparency is crucial and the surface cannot be printed onto such as prototypes, models, control panels and metals. As always, we recommend laminating to ensure your prints our waterproof if necessary.


If it’s window displays that you are looking to create, an optically clear media is essential. For this application, and any other where optimum transparency is required, our CJOCSAF optically ultra-clear 80 micron film with a gloss finish is perfect. Its adhesive is removable with a film backing, while the coating will accept heavy ink loads and is ideal for full colour, stunning graphics as well as packaging and labels. Added protection can also be provided by laminating.




Why hesitate to browse the complete selection of highly rated self-adhesive inkjet paper rolls that we can offer through the Prizma Graphics online store today? We are committed to catering to your full range of needs for such media, and if you are struggling to select the right product for your own desired application, you can ask our team for guidance by calling 01296 393700. Samples are also available for testing. 

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