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Print your own roller blinds, table cloths and hanging banners

Posted by Louise 22/01/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

Introducing Prizma’s new range of textile fabrics


You may have long associated us here at Prizma Graphics with inkjet paper rolls, but one thing that you might not have imagined we would offer is inkjet printable fabric. However, we are pleased to announce that we have now introduced a range of textile fabrics, with which you can create your own roller blinds, promotional table cloths and fabric hanging banners.


When you are looking for the ideal inkjet printable fabrics that you can use to produce stylish custom-designed products for your home or office, you really can’t beat Prizma Graphics.


Using the latest pigment wide format printers from HP, Canon and Epson, you can easily print stunning hanging banners, table cloths, roller blinds, flags and many other promotional items.


While we would recommend that those seeking water-resistant results use pigment inks, all of our inkjet fabrics can be printed with both dye and pigment inks.


What printable fabrics are we able to offer right now?


You certainly have no shortage of attractive options when you are browsing the Prizma Graphics online store in search of the perfect fabrics to use as the basis for all manner of custom creations.


They include our 60gsm Ultra Light Polyester Fabric (CJULPF), for instance, which is a thin woven polyester with backing film for easy transport through your printer. Once the backing is removed, the fabric can be folded with no creasing. You can depend on this fabric to give you fantastic colour results, which makes it ideal for hanging displays, room dividers and foldable posters.


Alternatively, if you are on the lookout for fabric that lends itself especially well to the creation of customised table cloths and hanging banners, you can scarcely better our CJSPPF 85gsm Smooth Photo Polyester Fabric, which comprises smooth matt woven polyester with excellent draping qualities.


Then, there is our 110gsm Soft Photo Polyester Roll Blind Fabric (CJSPPRB), which is an ideal choice for photo prints, roller and window blinds, thanks to the water-resistant coating on this matt durable polyester fabric.


Soft Flag Polyester Fabric (CJSFPF) is available from us too, this 110gsm soft fire retardant fabric incorporating a film backing that has been especially coated for dye and pigment inks. This fabric is a great option for both indoor and outdoor flags and banners, not least because the printed graphics can be viewed from both sides.


Finally, we are also delighted to stock CJFRPF 280gsm Fire Retardant Polyester Fabric that is durable, but can also be cut and folded without cracking. It is the perfect printable fabric for the likes of roller blinds, hanging banners and art reproductions.


Place your order for any of our sophisticated fabrics today


As a long-established family business with more than three decades’ experience in the supply of wide format design, graphic and reprographic media, Prizma Graphics is well-placed to cater to the most specialised requirements of customers like you.


Browse our online store now to learn more about the wealth of possibilities that our high-quality and well-priced inkjet printable fabrics present, before making your purchase or enquiring to us for more information.

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