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Plotter paper to fit the new HP T530 A1 24” inkjet printer

Posted by Katrina 07/11/2019 0 Comment(s)

When looking to purchase a fully networked, feature-rich, lightweight and compact wide format inkjet printer, we would not hesitate here at Prizma Graphcs to recommend the HP T530. Launched in the summer of 2019 to replace the HP T520, the A1 24” 5ZY60A offers the smallest footprint solution for in-house printing currently available for those working in such fields as architecture, interior design and construction or engineering.


We have been keen to highlight the many invaluable features this printer offers as discussed in more detail in our September blog, including the A3/A4 cut sheet paper tray and WiFi connectivity. However, it is undoubtedly the high print speed that supercedes that of the HP T520 that makes this printer a worthy contender for serious consideration; the A1 printer being able to print 70 A1 prints per hour.


So the question we want to answer in this feature is exactly what print results can you expect to achieve using the HP T530?


The simple answer is that this printer will cater for a variety of print requirements from standard CAD technical drawings to high quality presentations and posters, within the capacity of the four colour inks – cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  Once again confirming the true versatility of the HP T530.


To achieve the highest quality print results, it goes without saying that high quality papers are required. As a specialist supplier for both plotters and consumables, we have put together an easy to follow list of papers suitable for the HP T530 A1 24” model that will enable you to get the best out of your printer. As always, the papers below feature our own unbranded range sourced from the best available in Europe to offer you consistent high quality performance without the price tag of a branded paper. However, our range of course also includes well known manufacture brands HP and Canon.


For monochrome and line colour prints


For CAD technical prints in monochrome and line colour, our 80gsm uncoated plotter paper is supplied in longer 50m length rolls and provides an excellent value for money solution. Our bright white, smooth 90gsm paper is also a very popular paper and as it is slightly heavier it offers more durability for prints that need to withstand a bit more handling. Both of these papers are available in 594mm and 610mm width rolls. The 594mm width roll offers you the ability to print to exact A1 size, removing the need for trimming.


For presentation prints and maps


A coated plotter paper is imperative for creating prints with vivid colours and sharp line definition as the coating will allow the ink to sit on the surface of the paper without being absorbed so providing you with optimum colour projection and brightness. A coating that dries fast is also important for heavier inkloads to enable you to achieve pristine prints. Our premium quality coated plotter papers in 100gsm and 120gsm weights with their smooth, beautifully finished coatings are perfect for high quality, full colour presentation prints that will enhance the professional image of your company. Both are available in 610mm width rolls, and our 100gsm paper is also available in a 594mm width roll so why not take advantage of printing to exact A1 size and remove the need for trimming?


For tracing and overlays


Our very popular 112gsm inkjet tracing paper, with its excellent transparency and lay flat features, is the ideal solution for final CAD drawings and overlays. This high quality tracing paper also possesses good archiving qualities to maintain your inkjet prints in good condition, being a chlorine free paper made from sustainable spruce with 20% recycled fibres. Again, this tracing paper is available in 610mm width rolls.


For maps, posters, full colour presentations and photographic quality prints


The capacity of this printer for the production of not only technical CAD prints but also maps, full colour presentations, posters and photographic quality prints, within the limitations of the four colour inks, widens the options for specially formulated coated inkjet papers.


Our Water Resistant Inkjet Paper in a 140gsm weight is a versatile choice for short term outdoor prints, including maps and plans that will be exposed to the elements. This paper is able to withstand high humidity and moisture, even a British rain shower will not cause the ink to smudge or the paper to disintegrate. The smooth, matt coated finish is also resistant to cracking providing high quality prints with excellent definition.


Our heavyweight Matt Coated Inkjet Poster Paper 165gsm is another great value and highly versatile paper, offering you a bright white, smooth coated surface that will accept high ink loads for full colour posters and colour presentations without the cost of photo grade papers. The non-reflective matt coating creates images with excellent line definition and low show through on the reverse, ensuring stunning prints that are guaranteed to stay flat.


For a choice of more durable, heavier weight papers consider our premium quality 180gsm paper, an economical but high quality presentation paper ideal for colour presentations, maps, display work and indoor signs with exceptionally dense blacks and vibrant colours. This paper is also available in a 230gsm weight as a durable, double weight coated plotter paper for longer lasting display prints.


For photographic quality prints with a non-reflective matt finish, our premium quality 170gsm Photo Realistic Inkjet Paper has a stabilised ‘no curl’ reverse side and no cockling with high ink loads. If a luxurious satin finish is preferred, our 200gsm Photo Satin Instant Dry Inkjet Paper has a water and smudge resistant, microporous coating for superb quality full colour graphics that will dry instantly for immediate handling.


For fine art prints


The capacity of the HP T530 to accept paper weights of up to 280gsm allows for such a variety of applications. Our 230gsm Canvas Textured Paper is ideal for producing not only fine art prints, but lends itself also to photographic prints and portraits, greetings cards and postcards, with a structure similar to traditional canvas. Available in a 610mm roll and 30m length, this high quality fine art paper is perfectly suited for high volume printing without the cost of inkjet canvas. 



Call us now for free samples


These are just a selection of the products we recommend for use with the HP T530 printer. If this does not cover your specific requirements please call us on 01296 393700 and our friendly, knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help. Samples of all our papers are available free of charge to allow you to test our products with your printer.

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