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Plotter paper to fit the HP DesignJet T730 A0 36” inkjet printer

Posted by Katrina 27/03/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,HP,

Choosing the right printer for your organisation from the wide array of wide format printers available can be a complex and time-consuming process. Here at Prizma Graphics, we are able to simplify the decision making with a complete understanding of your print requirements enabling us to identify the correct printer fit.


You may be working in a small to medium sized architectural or engineering practice, a design studio or within the building and construction industry and looking for a reliable plotter for CAD printing of technical drawings alongside producing full-colour photographic images.


There are a range of wide format printers that would adequately meet those requirements. However, the HP DesignJet A0 36” T730 printer offers additional benefits as already discussed in our news section. Not least of these benefits is its capacity for larger ink cartridges, 40 ml to 300 ml in size, and an A1 CAD print speed of 25 seconds, equivalent to 82 A1 prints per hour. Both of these advantageous features make this printer the ideal choice for higher volume print output for CAD drawings and full-colour presentations and photographic images, within the capacity of the four ink colours – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black.


Once the decision has been made on the printer, it is important to consider your media options in order for you to achieve the best possible print results. Again, here at Prizma Graphics we have put together an easy-to-follow list of our recommended papers for this printer that makes the process of selecting and ordering the perfect paper to meet your requirements as simple as possible.


For monochrome and line colour prints


As already mentioned, the HP T730 presents an ideal choice for those requiring high volume printing of CAD technical drawings. A paper that is suitable for monochrome and line colour work is all that is required here, there is no need to invest in a coated paper as the light ink output in this case can be adequately catered for by an 80gsm or 90gsm plotter paper. Our uncoated 80gsm rolls are available in a longer 50m length which presents less need for roll changes on those long print runs. For a slightly heavier weight paper, consider our bright white, smooth 90gsm paper which will offer more durability for prints that need to withstand more handling.


For presentation prints and maps


Once solid colour fill areas are introduced into your designs, it is beneficial to take advantage of a coated plotter paper that allows the ink to sit on the surface of the paper, presenting your colour presentation prints and maps at their best with vivid colours and sharp line definition. For heavier ink loads, it is also important that the coating is fast drying allowing you to handle your prints from the printer for pristine images. Our premium quality coated plotter papers in 100gsm and 120gsm weights have a smooth, beautifully finished coating that can cope with heavy ink loads that dry fast for high quality, full colour presentation prints.


For tracing and overlays


Historically, tracing paper has always been the designer’s paper of choice for overlays or final CAD drawings that need to be archived. We continue that tradition with our 112gsm inkjet tracing paper. This is the perfect choice for both of these options due to its excellent transparent, lay flat and archiving qualities, being a chlorine free paper made from sustainable spruce with 20% recycled fibres.


For maps, posters, full colour presentations and photographic quality prints


The capacity of the HP T730 for the printing of both technical CAD designs alongside maps, full colour presentations, posters and photographic quality prints must be matched with the correct specially formulated coated inkjet paper in order to achieve the best image quality.For maps and plans that may be exposed to the elements, our Water Resistant Inkjet Paper in a 140gsm weight is ideal if you wish to create short term outdoor prints. This versatile paper has a smooth, matt coated finish that is resistant to cracking and is able to withstand high humidity and moisture; the quality of your images will not even be dampened by a British rain shower that would otherwise cause the ink to smudge or the paper to disintegrate.


Another great value and highly versatile paper that is worthy of attention is our popular heavyweight Matt Coated Inkjet Poster Paper in a 165 gsm weight. The bright white, smooth coating will accept the necessary high ink loads for full colour posters and colour presentations but without the cost of photo grade papers. Stunning prints that are guaranteed to stay flat are further enhanced by the non-reflective matt coating, excellent line definition and low show through on the reverse.


For prints that need to be of a more durable nature, you may wish to consider a heavier weight paper. Our premium quality 180gsm paper is an economical option whilst maintaining high quality and will provide the exceptionally dense blacks and vibrant colours enabling your colour presentations, maps, display work and indoor signs to stand out. This paper is also available in a 230gsm weight as a durable, double weight coated plotter paper for longer lasting display prints.


The capacity of the HP T730 to create photographic quality prints can only be achieved using a paper with a high quality coating. For a non-reflective matt finish, our premium quality 170gsm Photo Realistic Inkjet Paper will not cockle with high ink loads and has a stabilised ‘no curl’ reverse side. Alternatively, if a luxurious satin finish is preferred, our Photo Satin Instant Dry Inkjet Paper in a heavier 200gsm weight will provide you with superb quality full colour graphics that are smudge resistant and will dry instantly for immediate handling.


For fine art prints


The variety of print applications are taken to a new level by the capacity of the HP T730 to accept paper weights of up to 280gsm. For fine art prints, photographic prints and portraits, greeting cards and postcards, our 230gsm Canvas Textured Paper, with a structure similar to traditional canvas, is a high quality fine art paper that is perfectly suited for high volume printing without the cost of inkjet canvas and demonstrates the true versatility that this printer offers.


Call us now for free samples


These are just a selection of the products we recommend for use with the HP T730 printer. If this does not cover your specific requirements please call us on 01296 393700 and our friendly, knowledgeable sales team will be happy to help. Samples of all our papers are available free of charge to allow you to test our products with your printer.

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