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Plotter Paper for Canon's new TM Printers

Posted by Katrina 30/10/2018 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

We recently wrote about the exciting launch of Canon's new TM Printers - the first range of wide format printers to cater for both CAD and Graphics printing using water-resistant inks which, when combined with water-resistant media, allows poster printing for both indoor and outdoor use.


Why is this such great news for designers, whether working in architectural design, landscape design, interior design, graphic design or even engineering and construction industries? Well, now you can achieve the highest quality full colour prints alongside your draft and CAD prints with your single in-house wide format printer. So you can say goodbye to costly and inconvenient outsourcing for those special print requirements.  


To give you some idea of just what you can expect to achieve from your Canon TM200, TM205, TM300 or TM305 printer, we have put together an overview of a selection of our recommended papers that cover all aspects of the print capacity for these printers. 


For CAD, technical documents, draft prints and plans 


Our Design Jet Report 80gsm and Colour Report 90gsm are the ideal choices for your monochrome and line colour drawings. These low cost papers are available in 45m, 50m and 90m rolls and are ideal for high volume printing, and if they need to be able to withstand a lot of handling our 90gsm paper will be ideal.


For overlays and final CAD drawings, our Design Jet Trace 112gsm is a highly calendered, chlorine free paper made from sustainable spruce with 20% recycled fibre to ensure good archiving qualities. This tracing paper boasts excellent transparency and lay flat qualities and is also approved for food packaging use.


For presentation prints and maps


Our premium quality coated inkjet plotter papers in 100gsm and 120gsm weights are able to accept higher ink loads than our uncoated papers for presentation quality prints with sharp lines and solid, vivid colours with superb contrast. The heavier weight of these papers adds a touch of quality to the look and feel of your presentation prints.  


For posters, full colour graphic displays and photographic quality prints


Our Matt Coated Inkjet Poster Paper 165gsm is a high quality coated plotter paper that has been specially formulated with a non-reflective matt finish for excellent definition, low show through on the reverse and  ensures lay-flat qualities.  


For a heavier weight paper that will offer you more durability for longer laster and impressive graphics, our premium quality 180gsm paper will enable you to create vibrant colour prints with exceptionally dense blacks and with a short drying time.  


And if it's a luxurious satin finish you require, we recommend our Photo Satin Instant Dry Inkjet Paper 200gsm for superb full colour prints that dry instantly without smudging for immediate handling.


For outdoor posters and banners


The Canon TM printers combined with water resistant papers provides a winning combination for short term outdoor posters and banners. Our 140gsm Water Resistant Paper has a unique flexible, instant drying coating which is resistant to cracking. This is such a versatile paper that ensures your prints look good in any situation involving high humidity and moisture, and even a rain shower will not cause the ink to smudge or the paper to disintegrate.  


Our 180 micron Tear Proof Matt Banner Film has a fast drying and microporous coating that is scratch resistant for sharp, vibrant colour graphics that do not cockle with an exceptionally wide colour gamut. This film provides outstanding light diffusion and as it is water resistant it is ideal for both outdoor signage as well as indoor roll up banners. This is a polypropylene film and, compared with resin or Polyethylene coated papers, will allow you to use 25% less ink. 


For a more durable banner, our Scrim Vinyl Indoor Outdoor Banner 400gsm is made from water resistant PVC providing extra strength for prints required to last for a minimum of 3 months in temperate climates with good UV stability. It has a matt high white non-reflective finish for highly vibrant graphics without bleeding that are dimensionally stable and tear resistant, and can be seamed to create larger panels and eyeletted for hanging. The coating on this film is instant drying allowing immediate handling and can be displayed outside after only 12 hours drying time.  


 Fine Art Prints


We love our Smooth Natural White Inkjet Paper available in 210 gsm or 220 gsm weights for it's natural, off white appearance which, with it's soft finish similar to etching paper, is better suited for creating original fine art prints. This is a watercolour paper that is acid free and is produced to archival standards making it perfect for fine art photographic reproductions with an excellent colour gamut with no optical brighteners.  .



Why not call us now for your free samples?


These are just some of our recommended papers that we know will provide you with high quality prints using your Canon TM printer. As always, we are very happy to send you samples free of charge for you to test so call us now on 01296 393700.




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