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Our extra-long paper rolls are an excellent match to the Canon TM-200/205 and TM-300/305

Posted by Louise 06/08/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

You may recall that back in October, we wrote about the merits of the recently introduced Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-200, TM-205, TM-300 and TM-305, with the first two of these machines being suited to A1 printing, and the latter two sized for A0. Then, in January, we wrote about the plotter paper that we were delighted to be able to supply for these high-performing, precise and productive machines.


Well, one thing that we didn’t mention in those previous blog posts was our ability to provide a variety of extra-long paper rolls for all four of these acclaimed printer models.


Printers that lend themselves well to longer print runs


Encompassing such options as uncoated plotter paper, matt coated plotter paper, photo gloss paper, photo satin paper and outdoor poster and banner media, our assortment of paper rolls for the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-200, TM-205, TM-300 and TM-305 is much what you would expect from one of the most trusted specialist suppliers of wide format media.


Indeed, it is the capacity of these printers to take rolls in weights including 75gsm, 80gsm and 90gsm, with 2” and 3” cores and up to 175 metres long, that might make them especially indispensable to your organisation for longer print runs.


It means that you can take advantage of uninterrupted printing with fewer inconvenient paper roll changes, the printer being free to do its job while you get on with other tasks – always an advantage in any environment where time is money. It’s also a much more cost-effective printing method, giving you savings of over £10 a roll for 841 x 175m rolls.


In addition, the Canon TM range of well-designed printers makes it easy to load heavier weight rolls. The top and front paper loading design means that you can easily rest the roll of paper on the top of the printer and slide the roll into position. 


We can supply extra-long paper rolls for a wide range of requirements


There are presently two separate sections of the Prizma Graphics online store that are dedicated to our A1 printer paper rolls and A0 rolls for the TM-200 and TM205 models in the case of the former category, and the TM-300 and TM-305 printers with regard to the latter.


Extra-long paper rolls that can now be purchased by users of the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-200, TM-205, TM-300 and TM-305 include 80gsm plain uncoated paper that is ideal for copying drawings, plans and technical documents.


This low-chlorine paper represents excellent value for money and is available for immediate next-day delivery, whether you are looking for such paper in A1, A2/A3 or A3/A4 size for use with the TM-200 or TM-205 printer, or up to A0 size that is suitable for the TM-300 or TM-305 printer.


Ask us for advice and guidance to ensure you make the right choice


Browse our extensive selection of paper rolls for use with the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-200, TM-205, TM-300 and TM-305 today, and you will be able to take advantage of the complete range of products that you could conceivably require for wide format printing applications.

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