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Inkjet printing continues to evolve – and has a bright future

Posted by Louise 20/01/2020 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

As a leading online store for the latest acclaimed inkjet printers and the associated ink cartridges and large-format inkjet paper and media, it greatly pleases us here at Prizma Graphics to witness the continued evolution of inkjet technology.


This has included its increasing application to sectors that may not have previously been significantly linked to inkjet technology, including wide-format, ceramics, textiles and labels. Furthermore, inkjet looks set to begin playing a key role in various other markets including decorative flooring, wall coverings, corrugated and flexible packaging.


Sure enough, it is in the Prizma Graphics online store where you will find many of the products that will enable you to make the most of the technology’s ever-heightening relevance to all of these sectors.


There’s plenty of growth potential for this type of printing


Digitalisation has been a transformative force across all industries in recent years, and printing has been very much part of this wave of change.


Inkjet printing has been, and continues to be at the forefront of the latest major developments in digital printing, this process that involves the spraying of tiny droplets of liquid ink onto paper making possible extremely precise, almost photo-quality images.


It is also cost-effective compared to other printing processes, combining low setup costs with full variability and all of the other obvious advantages of all-digital printing. Inkjet is ideal for the economical production of short runs and unique products, for example, while its inks can also print on almost any substrate, including irregular objects.


The stellar and ongoing growth of inkjet printing is clear from a glance at the statistics and projections for the next few years. While the technology held an 8.8% share of the total print market in 2018 in terms of value, this is projected to reach 13.0% in 2023 – a 57% rise.


In terms of print volume, meanwhile, inkjet accounted for just 1.5% of print area in 2018. However, it is thought that this will have increased by 89%, to a 2.9% share, by 2023.


Are you getting maximum advantage out of these emerging applications for inkjet?


As improvements in quality, reliability and the scope for product customisation continue to aid the advance of inkjet technology, we are delighted here at Prizma Graphics to be able to offer the products that enable customers like you to tap into its ever-expanding benefits.


Such items include the ideal media for digital inkjet wall coverings, such as the 180gsm Smooth Matt Inkjet Wallpaper Media that offers high opacity and superb wet strength resistance for the printing of stunning wallpaper and art murals.


Large murals, exhibition graphics and wallpaper designs can also be created with the help of our 220gsm Self Adhesive Fabric Wallcovering Media, which is a bright white polyester fabric incorporating a removable glue back. 


You can also turn to us for the perfect media for digital inkjet textiles


The remarkable breadth of potential that inkjet technology offers is further showcased by such media in our range as our own-brand 60gsm Light and Sheer Polyester Fabric, as well as our photo polyester fabric options.


The former, for instance, is reminiscent of taffeta, this super-thin woven fabric draping beautifully and being well-suited to the creation of hanging displays, table cloths, room dividers, foldable and crease-free posters.


If, meanwhile, you are in the market for photo polyester fabric, we can bring you the likes of 85gsm Smooth Photo Polyester Fabric and 110gsm Water Resistant Soft Photo Polyester Fabric. The latter, as its name suggests, sports a water-resistant coating, capable of withstanding high ink loads for exceptionally bright photographic images.


Finally, Fire Retardant Soft Polyester Flag Fabric is another speciality of ours under our own brand. This 110gsm soft fabric has been specially coated for dye and pigment inks, its fire-retardant qualities and the scope that it offers to view the printed graphics from both sides making it a sound choice for both indoor and outdoor banners and flags.


Trust Prizma Graphics as your source of inkjet solutions


Do you have any further questions about obtaining or ascertaining the suitability of products and media, ranging from our renowned inkjet printers to large-format inkjet paper or media, for a particular application?


Whatever the nature of your query, we would be pleased to put your mind at rest and guide your buying decisions; simply call 01296 393700 or complete and submit our straightforward online contact form to receive all of the advice you will need.

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