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How our display graphics range can enhance your creativity

Posted by Louise 23/04/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

Whether you’re printing on a wide-format basis using dye or pigment inkjet, latex or solvent inks, we have a huge range of quality media here at Prizma Graphics that has been fully tested to give you fantastic results for durable indoor and outdoor applications.


What options can you investigate in our current stock?


The various forms of large format printing paper that we are delighted to offer in our online store right now include a full range of photo papers from the leading manufacture brands, HP and Canon, as well as our own unbranded Prizma Photo Paper which we have carefully selected from the best available in Europe and fully tested for use with any wide format dye and pigment inkjet printer.


Photo papers have a special coating that provides a wider colour range than matt coated papers for creating highly colourful and vibrant prints with great depth and sharpness. This makes it ideal for producing durable posters, maps and display charts, window displays, Point of Sale as well as photographic and presentation prints. Take a look at our competitively priced Prizma Photo Satin Instant Dry Inkjet Paper 200gsm which has a microporous coating that dries instantly for immediate handling of your prints from the printer and is water and smudge resistant. 


A gloss version of the aforementioned paper in a 190gsm weight offers a very glossy, light reflective alternative and can also be purchased from us, being highly suitable for luxurious, photographic quality prints, exhibition and retail display graphics, posters and Point of Sale.


Other popular options in our store as of present include roll-up and pop-up banner film. Our Grey Backed Banner Film 180mu is highly rated on account of its excellent no curl characteristics and anti-glare matt coating that dries instantly and is water resistant making it the ideal choice for roll up displays, exhibition graphic displays, retail and Point of Sale displays. It's worth mentioning too that our Front Print Backlit Film, also known as Duratrans, is a great choice for illuminated lightbox displays as it boasts a matt, instant drying coating that provides outstanding colour saturation with both dye and pigment inks.


We go far beyond the most basic large format printing paper


While the above display graphics products go some way to showing our determination here at Prizma Graphics to serve the complete range of requirements that our customers could have, there are many other examples of this, such as our Scrim Vinyl Outdoor Banner that comes with a matt high white non-reflective finish that dries instantly for easy handling from the printer and only a 12 hour dry time before exterior mounting. This is a reinforced film that makes it tear-resistant, further boosting its suitability for large banners and signs which can be seamed for brilliant, oversize displays. 


Self-adhesive film and paper are other key specialities of ours, these being perfect for indoor and outdoor applications, saving time as no need for self-adhesive sprays and mount film and lending themselves well to signage, packaging, mock-ups, labels and graphics alike.


Finally, for the ultimate in indoor display graphics, we are also delighted to be able to stock wall covering, including both pastable and removable self-adhesive options. You can take your pick from various wall covering options from us when you are interested in printing the most stunning wallpapers and murals.


Don’t forget... you can also request samples!


Remember that if you are unsure about purchasing any given large format printing paper or other media from us due to concerns that it may not provide the right results with your own printer, you don’t have to ‘risk it’! Instead, ask us to send you free samples of the products you have in mind, so that you can test them with your own machine and settings.


We believe that you should feel free to flaunt your creativity as an individual or organisation when using display graphics media like the above. This is why our team here at Prizma Graphics is so committed to continually bringing you a comprehensive range of solutions – and the highest standard of customer service.

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