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How do the leading Canon wide-format printers compare for ink usage?

Posted by Louise 19/11/2021 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

When you are on the lookout for the most suitable device for your wide-format printing requirements, it is natural that you will pay close attention to such crucial aspects as the given printer’s design, reliability, print speed, and ease of use. Something else that you may be likely to carefully consider, however, is the extent of your favoured printer’s ink usage.


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So, to assist you in your choice, our team at Prizma Graphics decided to provide a quick rundown of the ink usage figures for a range of Canon’s current leading large-format printers. The below numbers are based on the production of a single A1-size print.

The TM-200, TM-300, TX-2100, TX-3100 and TX-4100

Whether you’re in the market for a TM-200 or TM-300 inkjet printer, or you instead have your eye on the highly regarded TX Series, these Canon wide-format printers are highly regarded for their combination of remarkable performance, precision and productivity.


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The ImagePROGRAF TM Series machines, for instance, are noted for being 10% faster and 60% quieter than the iPF 670 and 770 devices, and even allow for printing to continue while ink is being changed. The TX Series printers, too, enable high-volume production, including through such features as uninterrupted ink tank replacement, a dual roll option, and enhanced data processing.

As for the exact cost per page you can expect from the use of these devices, that varies, as set out in the figures below; the more ink that is used, the higher the cost per page will be.

  • CAD print: 0.268ml ink, at a cost of 10p
  • Rendered image: 0.713ml ink, at a cost of 27p
  • Poster: 3.182ml ink, at a cost of £1.22
  • Photo image: 5.43ml ink, at a cost of £2.08

These prices are based on a 300ml ink cartridge at £115.20, plus VAT.

The PRO-2100, PRO-4100 and PRO-6100

Canon’s ImagePROGRAF PRO Series devices, too, deliver astounding efficiency without compromising on print quality. This is assured through the inclusion of such features as smart media handling that automatically detects the type of media and estimates how much media is left, as well as the ability for the user to save settings for routine print tasks.


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  • Rendered image: 1.33ml ink, at a cost of 49p
  • Poster: 3.57ml ink, at a cost of £1.32
  • Photo image: 4.717ml ink, at a cost of £1.74
  • Canvas: 2.410ml ink, at a cost of 89p

These prices are based on a 330ml ink cartridge at £122.20, plus VAT.

Would you appreciate further advice and guidance on the ink usage, efficiency, and other aspects of popuar Canon wide-format devices such as the PRO-2100, TM-200 and TM-300 inkjet printer, so that you can make the best-informed and most appropriate choice of machine? If so, please contact the Prizma Graphics team today via phone, fax or email.


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