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Get money off your next printer with our Canon Summer Promotion!

Posted by Louise 22/07/2023 0 Comment(s) Canon,

When it comes to seeking out and purchasing a wide-format printer that offers the ultimate in performance, functionality, and reliability, it has long been a safe choice to pick a model from the extensive Canon wide-format printer range. And now, our customers have been given another excellent reason to consider a model among the renowned Japanese brand’s offerings.

Yes, that’s right; we’re now running an enticing Canon Summer Promotion until 30th September, and no fewer than eight Canon printers are included: the TA-20, TM-200, TM-205, GP-200, TA-30, TM-300, GP-300, and TM-305.

How does our Canon Summer Promotion work?

The way the promotion works is as follows: when you purchase any of the aforementioned Canon wide-format printer models right now, you can take advantage of free ground-floor delivery, as well as a two-year on-site warranty, rather than the normal one-year warranty.

And the opportunities to save money don’t cease there. That’s because our Trade-in/Upgrade Reward Programme also enables you to enjoy a further discount on your new Canon wide-format printer, when you trade in your old non-Canon/Oce printer at the time of purchase.

The exact cost reduction that you benefit from will depend on the specific Canon wide-format printer model you choose, as detailed below:

  • £100 off the Canon TA-20, which is an A1 24” colour inkjet printer that offers affordability and versatility for the printing of CAD drawings, posters, short-term banners, and presentation prints;
  • £50 off the Canon TM-200, which is an A1 24” compact five-colour inkjet printer that has won considerable acclaim for its precision, performance, and productivity, as well as the ultra-sharp lines and colour vibrancy of its prints;
  • £100 off the Canon TM-205, an A1 24” colour inkjet printer that incorporates a 500GB hard drive and five ink colours lending themselves well to CAD and poster printing;
  • £100 off the Canon GP-200, an A1 24” large-format six-colour printer that features newly developed fluorescent ink – perfect for the production of eye-catching posters; 
  • £150 off the Canon TA-30, which is an A0 36” five-colour printer that represents an attractively priced and versatile option for printing CAD drawings, short-term banners, posters, and presentation prints;
  • £150 off the Canon TM-300, which offers remarkable colour vibrancy and impressively sharp lines in 36” A0 format, and is frequently chosen for the production of CAD and poster prints; 
  • £100 off the Canon GP-300, an A0 36” large-format poster printer that uses six colours, including recently developed fluorescent pink ink, which makes it an excellent choice for the production of high-impact posters;
  • £200 off the Canon TM-305, which incorporates a 500GB hard drive, uses five colours of water-resistant inks, and is able to produce an A0 print in just 40 seconds.

Allow our team to help you pick the perfectly suited Canon wide-format printer

Clearly, on the basis of the latest large-format models available, Canon rightly remains a byword for innovation, efficiency, and quality.

However, it might not necessarily be immediately obvious to you which Canon wide-format printer you would be best advised to purchase with certain applications in mind. So, please feel free to reach out to the Prizma Graphics team for suitably in-depth advice and guidance, so that you can be sure of picking out the ideal device for your preferences and requirements, at the right price.

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