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For the finest water resistant 140gsm plotter paper, choose Prizma Graphics

Posted by Liz 05/11/2017 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

For the finest water resistant 140gsm plotter paper, choose Prizma Graphics


Prizma Graphics has long been a key source of plotter paper rolls for designers, architects and all manner of other professionals seeking such paper for any of a wide range of applications. These applications can often be very specialised, which helps to explain why we are so committed to providing our customers with an impressive breadth of specification options.


You may not have been aware, for instance, of the presence of matt coated 140gsm water resistant plotter paper in our extensive online range. It’s an ideal type of plotter paper for short-term outdoor use, including for the printing of maps and plans that will be exposed to the elements.


Why else should you be interested in our water-resistant plotter paper?


Few plotter paper rolls in our range are as versatile as the 140gsm water resistant plotter paper that bears the Prizma Graphics brand, has a smooth matt coated finish and can be depended on to dry quickly. It is suitable for use with dye and pigment inkjet printers, and provides good line sharpness for the most professional results each and every time.


With three sizes of roll from which you can choose – 610mm, 914mm and 1067mm – this impressive plotter paper is the ideal choice for many different projects that may require you to bring your maps and plans into the open air - this paper will withstand a rain shower without the ink smudging or the paper disintegrating. Its unique flexible coating is resistant to cracking, while the instant dry coating accepts a high resolution of up to 1440dpi, with excellent edge definition of images.


Even in conditions of high humidity and moisture, you won’t need to worry about the integrity of this plotter paper, which is compatible with thermal and piezo technologies. However, we would recommend that you laminate the paper if you do intend to use it outdoors for longer periods.


Make us your choice for professional-standard plotter paper rolls


We are proud of the many different specification options that we can offer for our plotter paper rolls here at Prizma Graphics, encompassing such quality levels as 90gsm, 95gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm, 130gsm and 140gsm. We also enable you to choose between coated and uncoated paper and even plotter paper rolls provided by specific printer brands, such as HP and Canon. 


Another one of our greatest priorities as far as plotter paper rolls is concerned is affordability. Sure enough, anyone shopping at Prizma Graphics can expect a combination of reasonable cost and genuine premium quality.


Remember that all of our papers are available to order immediately from our stock for next-day delivery, so don’t hesitate to purchase the plotter paper rolls today that represent the best match for even your most demanding projects. 

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