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Efficient and high-quality results are possible with the inks accompanying Canon’s TM-200 and TM-300 printers

Posted by Louise 06/02/2020 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

Since the launch of the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-300, TM-305, TM-200 and TM-205 several years ago, they have proved to be strong sellers in the Prizma Graphics online store, on account of such benefits as their precision, performance and productivity as well as their all-encompassing capacity for printing CAD technical documents alongside high quality presentation prints and posters.


However, the subject of today’s blog post is not the extensive technical specifications of these renowned machines, but instead the generous starter set of inks supplied with each one, and the number of prints that the user can expect to produce from them when using various papers.


What is included in the starter set?


Each model of the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-300, TM-200, TM-305 and TM-205 comes with a starter set of inks consisting of one 130ml Matt Black, and one each of 90ml Photo Black, Cyan, Magento and Yellow.


As a consequence, the purchaser receives a total of 490ml of pigment-based ink that they can depend on to be long-lasting, water-resistant and well-suited to poster work as well as CAD.


How much can you expect to print when using these inks on a TM-200 or TM-205?


The output that you can achieve with your Canon TM printer will also depend on such factors as the exact printer model and paper used.


Nonetheless, if your model is the TM-200 or TM-205, for instance, and you use the standard print mode setting, the manufacturer advises that you can expect to produce up to 1,500 A1 CAD prints on plain paper. Such 80gsm paper is available in our online store right now, and is an opaque white wide format paper that also represents excellent value for money.


Alternatively, you may be looking to use heavyweight coated paper for the production of A1 poster prints, as many as 350 of which can be produced using the starter-set inks supplied with the TM-200 or TM-205. Again, we offer such paper here at Prizma Graphics; it can be sourced in 165gsm and 180gsm weights, with these variants both being high-quality plotter papers that lend themselves well to print resolutions as high as 1440dpi.


Finally, another type of media frequently used in the creation of A1 poster prints is gloss photo paper, and if this is your favoured choice when operating the TM-200 or TM-205, you can expect up to 140 prints to be possible, using the starter-set inks. Thankfully, our own Prizma Graphics-branded Photo Gloss Instant Dry Inkjet Paper is more than up to this task, thanks in part to its water and smudge-resistant microporous coating.


The TM-300 and TM-305 bring impressive outcomes, too


So, what if across the aforementioned categories, you are not looking to create A1 prints, but instead A0 prints, and have therefore decided to invest in the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-300 or TM-305?


Well, in that case, the achievable results with the supplied starter inks will naturally differ; you will be able to print up to 376 A0 CAD prints on plain paper, for example, as well as up to 188 A0 poster prints on heavyweight coated paper, and as many as 77 A0 poster prints on gloss photo paper.


And again, for all of these papers, we have options in our online store at excellent prices. These include the likes of plain bright white 80gsm paper with the same qualities as the plain papers we cited above, as well as 165gsm and 180gsm matt coated paper and 190gsm instant-drying Gloss Inkjet Paper.


It is worth noting, in addition, that our gloss papers for the TM-200, TM-205, TM-300 and TM-305 models alike come in longer-length 60m rolls that are economic and convenient, allowing for fewer roll changes and unattended printing for long print runs.


Enquire to us today about our printers and papers alike


Whether any of the Canon ImagePROGRAF printers TM-300, TM-305, TM-200 or TM-205 are the right match to your requirements, or you would like to get in touch with us for any other reason in relation to wide format design, graphic and reprographic printers and media, our team here at Prizma Graphics would be pleased to serve you.


Call 01296 393700 or use our online contact form to request all of the guidance and assistance you could need to get the best out of your printing operations in 2020.

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