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Crystal Clear PET Film lends itself well to use in portable PPE screens

Posted by Louise 16/09/2020 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

One of the most noticeable changes in public life in recent months has been the increasingly customary use of transparent protective screens in such settings as retail stores, offices, cafes, restaurants and hair salons.


We felt it appropriate, then, to point out that if your own premises would benefit from such arrangements, our newly launched Crystal Clear PET Film could greatly help you to realise the current more stringent PPE requirements key to keeping both staff and service users safe.


What is this film, and how could it work for you?


This 300-micron transparent film is available in both 1600mm x 30m and 800m x 30m rolls, and can be cut down to any width required.


In normal circumstances, this film’s remarkable clarity makes it well-suited for overlays and protective coverings for notice boards and maps, while its strength, durability, tear resistance and flexibility means it also works well as a stencil for lettering.


However, as measures to reduce the risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic continue to dominate our daily lives, you may be especially interested in how this film can be combined with roll-up and pull-up banner stands to create portable PPE screens.


The high clarity and rigidity of the Crystal Clear PET Film is likely to serve your premises well when it is put to this application, whether it is required for such an environment as a reception area, canteen, airport, school, college, dentist, hospital or doctor’s surgery.


One 30ml roll will make up to 13 screens, and at the time of typing, we offer highly attractive prices for purchasing in bulk, including £812.50 excluding VAT for five 1600mm x 30m rolls, and £406.25 excluding VAT for five 800mm x 30m rolls.


We can supply the necessary banner stands, too


To make the creation of these highly effective portable PPE screens even easier for our customers here at Prizma Graphics, we are also making available the accompanying Basic Banner stands at competitive prices of £15.50 for a 800mm x 2000mm stand, £21.50 for the 1000mm x 2000mm and £29.95 for the 1200mm x 2000mm option.


This is a basic aluminium banner stand that can be specified as a snap top or an adhesive top. Each one offers a robust construction with two twist-out feet and additional pole support; it also comes with a canvas carry case for hassle-free transportation and storage.


These Basic Banner stands are straightforward to set up, portable, lightweight and easy to move, and even if the film sustains damage, it is a stress-free process to replace it.


For answers to any of the questions you may have about our Crystal Clear PET Film, Basic Banner stands or other products such as plotter printers or large format printing paper before purchasing, please remember that you can always call our team on 01296 393700, or send us an email.

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