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Could the Contex HD Apeiron/42 be the most exciting art scanner ever?

Posted by Louise 13/07/2023 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

It’s a lofty claim indeed, but not necessarily an unrealistic one. July 2023 sees the launch of not just a high-specification large format scanner, but an art and textile scanner that produces the most lifelike results possible from this category of device.

To put it another way: if you are a copy shop, museum, or material manufacturer, to name just some of the potential audiences for this remarkable machine, you are likely to have particularly great reason to consider this highly formidable and flexible contact-free art scanner.

The Contex HD Apeiron/42 is ideal for the scanning of fine art, artwork, prints, posters, building materials, delicate documents, and textiles, to cite just a few of the possibilities.

With its natural light LEDs that ensure zero compromise when it comes to scan quality and reliability, this large format scanner could be the ultimate solution for the digitisation of original artwork and fine art.

But what are some of the distinctive features that make it an unmistakable market leader?

Astonishingly accurate and detailed scan results, but also so much more

It’s a fair question to ask: when it comes to digitising all manner of media like the examples above, just how sophisticated can a widely available, but high-specification large format scanner get?

The renowned Contex brand’s newly launched HD Apeiron/42 art and textile scanner – measuring 42x60x5.1” – presents as convincing an answer to that question as we have seen in recent memory.

It is the first Contex scanner to enable full HD face-up contactless scanning of the likes of artwork, textiles, and objects, with the face of the media never touching the scanner. That’s likely to be a particular boon when it is especially delicate and priceless originals that are being scanned.

But the Contex HD Apeiron/42 also presents many more advantages than that. Users will be able to expect the most realistic image quality that any art and textile large format scanner can offer today, as well as full light control and the ability to emphasise distinctive details.

Investing in the HD Apeiron/42 means investing in extremely accurate colour matching, the faithful representation of the compelling 3D effects of original works, and the preservation of the most intricate details of whatever original media is being scanned. An optical resolution of up to 1200 dpi is possible, so this really is a large format scanner that scores highly on both accuracy and realism.

Furthermore, the combination of the utmost light control and zero UV/IR radiation really does significantly aid the user’s efforts to preserve and protect treasured originals for the future. It really is a large format scanner, then, that satisfies many of the most discerning requirements and preferences that those engaged in the spheres of art and textile production and display could have.

Why not enquire today about this specialised scanner’s suitability to your own needs?

Our team at Prizma Graphics is highly appreciative of the fact that every customer who approaches us will have slightly different requirements to the next. This means there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, which applies just as strongly when the given customer is on the lookout for a suitable large format scanner, including for art and textiles applications.

To discuss, then, what your own requirements are with our experts, and whether the Contex HD Apeiron/42 could represent the right solution for them, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email, or to give us a call on 01296 393700.


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