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Choosing The Right HP DesignJet MFP Solution

Posted by Liz 16/05/2017 0 Comment(s) HP,

Choosing The Right HP DesignJet MFP Solution


With the HP DesignJet T-series range consisting of many an acclaimed inkjet printer, it can be difficult to choose the one that you feel best caters to your own specific requirements. We therefore decided to take a closer look at two of the models on sale here at Prizma Graphics that you may be most inclined to choose from - the T830 and the T2530, both on special offer during May 2017 - and consider their respective strengths. 


Why choose an MFP at all?


The HP DesignJet T830 and T2530 are both multifunction printers, also known as MFPs, and there are various reasons why you may wish to choose such a printer, including its single footprint that saves you from having to purchase a separate printer and scanner.




These acclaimed MFPs also both have neat, modern and compact designs that enable them to fit seamlessly into even the smallest office spaces, and offer wide-ranging functionality including quick printing and efficient ink usage, as well as fast scanning to file, USB, copy or email.


What factors should guide your choice?


Both of these printers in the HP DesignJet range are suitable for a wide range of individuals and organisations, encompassing the likes of construction companies, engineering companies, architectural practices, shop fitters, joiners and GIS and mapping departments.


When attempting to choose the right inkjet printer from a choice of either the T830 or the T2530, it is important to consider a wide range of factors, including the print volume and speed, print quality and scan quality that you require, as well as the running costs for the inks, printheads and paper.


So, how do these highly rated MFPs compare?


Both the T830 and T2530 boast impressive specifications. The T830 F9A30A MFP, for example, is a single roll printer and so is ideal for low to medium print volumes and offers such specifications as 1GB memory and the ability to connect wirelessly or via Ethernet. This is a 4 colour, non-Postscipt MFP and will print an A1 print in 25 seconds.


Meanwhile, the T2530 is a dual roll printer making it well-suited to medium to higher print volume professional quality CAD and GIS applications. It takes roll lengths of up to 91m and also allows stacking of up to 50 sheets, both important factors for unattended printing in a busy office. This is a 6 colour printer using 130ml and 300ml inks, with a print speed of 21 seconds for an A1 print, and is available in two models – PostScript and non-PostScript.



Trade in your old printer against the T830 or T2530


We can help you to trade in your old machine. This hassle-free online service enables you to receive the current trade-in value against the cost of your new machine. As of May 2017, the T830’s trade-in value is £200, compared to the T2530’s £700 trade-in value.


Trade-in machines must be A1 or larger and ready to collect at ground floor level. We can talk you through the options for the collection of your trade-in printer prior to your purchase.


Remember that here at Prizma Graphics, we are always here to help, advise you on and oversee your order, whether you ultimately opt for the T830 or T2530. You can trust us to deliver your new printer safely and have it fully installed. Our trained engineers can provide onsite training and answer any questions that you may have, while we can also supply any inks and paper rolls that you require – quickly.


How much more complete a service could you expect when you next need to purchase an inkjet printer from the renowned HP DesignJet T-series range?





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