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Choose the HP DesignJet T730 as your CAD and general purpose printer

Posted by Liz 13/04/2018 0 Comment(s) Prizma,HP,

Small to medium-sized workgroups with a need to produce large volumes of CAD, GIS and general technical documents may understandably consider a broad range of wide format printers. However, it is unlikely that they could make a better choice than the HP T730 36” A0 printer. For what reasons?


The reasons for that should soon become clear but, firstly, let’s point out that the T730 is a robust and compact A0 printer that ideally suits small to medium sized architectural and engineering environments, design studios, construction and building companies. In fact, the versatility of this printer means that it will suit any design based company needing a reliable plotter for everyday CAD printing of technical drawings alongside an ability to also produce full-colour photographic images, within the limitations of the four ink colours.


We have recently discussed the benefits of the HP T520 and the HP T120 printers in our blogs, each having it’s own merits. The HP T730 continues to provide additional benefits. With its capacity for larger ink cartridges than the aforementioned printers, 40ml to 300ml in size, the HP T730 is more suited to the demands of higher print output requirements with faster print speeds.


What else is the T730 capable of?


As mentioned above, the T730 takes four ink cartridges, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, between 40ml and 300ml in size, allowing you to select the best size cartridge to suit your print volume. It has 1GB of memory, the same as the HP T520, but is able to print an A1 CAD drawing in 25 seconds, 10 seconds faster than the HP T520, and 82 A1 prints per hour. Like the HP T520, it also takes roll sizes from 297mm up to 914mm, and has a sheet feed tray to accommodate A3 and A4 cut sheets.


This most acclaimed of wide format printers has the same Wi-Fi connectivity as the T520, just place it anywhere within reach of your Wi-Fi signal, and with the USB pen slot you can also print from a memory stick. However, you can also print remotely, wherever you are, straight from your Apple or Android Smartphone or Tablet. It comes with both Window and Mac printer drivers, while the complete range of print languages is HP-RTL, TIFF, JPEG, CALS, G4, PCL 3 GUI and URF. A two-year warranty is included, too, up from the one-year warranty that comes with the T520.


As an optional extra, you may be interested in the HP DesignJet Rugged Case, which will protect the printer from water, dust and damage while transporting or on location; very useful if you require a printer that can be moved around easily, the large rugged wheels providing stability and traction, without the risk of being knocked or scratched. It’s also easy to open and close the case when you are using the printer with the case on.


Which papers are best suited to this printer?


The short answer is: the same weights and roll sizes as the T520, as we have previously discussed in our news section. Here at Prizma, we are very keen to supply you with the right paper for your application so that you get the best results at the best price.


That means, when you need to print CAD monochrome and line colour with light solid colour fill, our 80gsm or 90gsm inkjet plotter paper or 112gsm tracing paper will more than do the job.


If, though, it is the production of presentation prints and in-house posters that your studio requires, we can present you with such options as 100gsm and 120gsm matt coated inkjet paper, 165gsm and 180gsm matt poster paper and 190gsm satin photo paper, all available right now in the Prizma Graphics online store.


Why buy the HP T730 now from Prizma Graphics?


As a special offer during April 2018, we are also including trade-in, delivery to your ground-floor premises and a roll of 841mm x 45m plotter paper, all at no extra cost.


For a wide format printer that is capable of accommodating so many print requirements, consider the HP T730 for your design practice.


Need more convincing to contact Prizma Graphics to see if the HP T730 is the right solution for you? Read the following recent review from one of our customers :


Sandie 27/03/2018
Prizma, as always, great service and delivery.
The T730 is light, maneuverable, and has a smaller footprint than our last plotter. It was easy to assemble and to set-up. No issues with adding it to the network. The paper rolls are easy to load and printing is quick. The guillotine is a bit noisy, and the memory won't hold large amount of colour print, but there may be additional memory available. The 3 different sized cartridges means we can tailor the usage and not waste ink. If you want to use the A4/A3 print attachment you have to disengage the paper roll as it tries to pull both the roll and the A4 paper through together. For this reason, you can also not leave A4 paper in the feeder and still print to the paper roll.
Would recommend as a good entry level plotter.

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