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Choose a Canon ImagePROGRAF TM or TX series printer for (almost) uninterrupted printing

Posted by Louise 22/09/2021 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

We have previously referred here in the news section at Prizma Graphics to the wide-ranging merits of Canon ImagePROGRAF printers such as the 24” A1 TM-200, the 36” A0 TM-300, and the acclaimed TX series, including the 24” A1 TX-2100, the 36” A0 TX-3100, and the 44” 1118mm TX-4100.


The Japanese corporation has long been a go-to brand for large-format printers offering up-to-the-minute technological and design solutions, and these latest devices firmly live up to that stellar reputation.


Even a particularly budget-conscious buyer who simply opts for the TM-200 inkjet printer, for instance, can expect a seriously impressive machine for the rapid printing of CAD and general poster work. You may be especially drawn to the TM-200 for its compact design, quiet operation, fast printing, or its sharp and vivid printing results, to cite just some of this device’s remarkable features and perks.


But there’s something else about all of the aforementioned Canon ImagePROGRAF wide-format printers that helps set them apart from some of the alternatives on the market.


A seemingly small feature that makes a big difference


Let’s use the example here of the HP T series printer. If your office or studio is already using this printer and you run out of paper – as you are likely to already know from experience – it will pause and cancel the entire print job until the user introduces a new roll of media.


This situation forces users of this printer to look through the prints that have already been done during the run, so that they can determine how much has been printed so far, thereby enabling them to resubmit the job where the previous one left off.


It might not seem like the worst problem one can have. However, when this situation reoccurs every time your HP T series or other existing printer runs out of paper, it adds up to a lot of wasted time and additional effort.


This is why you may instead consider a brand-new Canon ImagePROGRAF printer that not only incorporates all of the other latest innovations and features, but also merely pauses an ongoing print job if it does exhaust its roll of media. Once you replace the media on one of the Canon wide-format printers cited above, the printer will continue the job from the start of the interrupted print.


That all helps to make the ownership experience with a TM-200 inkjet printer – or any of the others in the above list – a much more convenient and less wasteful one. It’s just one more reason why we are pleased to recommend these machines to all manner of design offices and studios that require precision, performance, productivity, and so much more from their next printer.


We’re always on hand to advise you on your choice


Here at Prizma Graphics, we’re always giving the benefit of our knowhow and experience to all manner of customers on the lookout for a new wide-format printer.


If you are unsure as to the exact device that would tick all of the right boxes for you, please don’t wait any longer to get in touch with our capable team. You are welcome to call us on 01296 393700 or send us an email.



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