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Canon’s new ImagePROGRAF PRO printers could be a godsend for graphic designers, photographic studios and many more buyers

Posted by Louise 13/01/2020 0 Comment(s) Prizma,Canon,

For so many customers of ours here at Prizma Graphics, purchasing a Canon wide-format printer has long meant buying an ImagePROGRAF printer – and that looks set to continue being the case, with the debut of the highly respected manufacturer’s latest ImagePROGRAF PRO models.


These new options for a Canon wide-format printer in the Prizma Graphics online store include the ImagePROGRAF PRO-2100 24”, PRO-4100 44” and PRO-6100 60”.


All three printers are excellent options for those with an interest in producing high-quality large-format photographic and fine art prints, ranging from graphic designers and photographic studios to interior and fashion designers and print shops.


What features can you expect from these PRO Series machines?


Whether you are a photographer, professional print-for-pay business or any of the other aforementioned potential buyers of this line of printers, the ImagePROGRAF PRO offers all of the 21st-century features that you could need to produce high-quality full-colour graphics and fine-art reproductions.


Those features include the automatic media handling and smart workflow capabilities that will aid you in printing both at a quicker rate and more conveniently, with very little manual intervention being required to swiftly turn your ideas into print and therefore, profits.


You won’t even need to spend much time fiddling around with the printer setup. Instead, you can simply place the paper roll on the feeder and it loads automatically, with the new automatic media handling even detecting the type and size of the paper, so that you don’t have to worry about getting this aspect of the job wrong.


The printer even remembers how frequently you use certain media and the jobs you use it for, which helps to sharpen the accuracy of its media detection capabilities over time.


But it’s also about results, not just convenience


One of the greatest benefits of making one of these ImagePROGRAF PRO models your next Canon wide-format printer, is their highly automatic operation that saves you from even having to touch the roll very much – thereby almost eliminating the chance of any stray fingerprint ruining your otherwise stunning print.


This brings us neatly onto the subject of the spectacular results the ImagePROGRAF PRO Series also delivers – not least borderless printing, which, while highly impactful, isn’t always easy to do with other printers. These new ImagePROGRAF models take away all of the worry about that, thanks to their ability to print without borders, regardless of the size of the media.


It’s all made possible by an advanced media sensor that detects the edges and automatically adjusts the margins to ensure the utmost accuracy – and you can pick between free size and three-sided borderless, too.


Such refinement that is so characteristic of the ImagePROGRAF Pro Series is maximised further, however, by an enhanced version of Canon’s renowned Professional Print & Layout software, complete with automated nesting and pattern printing. This highly intelligent tool proves its worth in helping to ensure what is on the screen is faithfully represented in the final print. 


Look no further for your next Canon wide-format printer


With these advanced printers also incorporating such features as a new touchscreen, 3GB in memory, a 500GB encrypted hard drive and 12 colour pigment inks for exceptional colour vibrancy, they are machines that your design studio or print shop can count on to yield consistently efficient and visually remarkable results.


This efficiency is especially invaluable in the case of the PRO-4100S and PRO-6100S, which have been designed with the high productivity print-for-pay market in mind.


Do you have any further questions about these new ImagePROGRAF Pro Series models, and how they could represent the best choice for your requirements if you are presently in the market for a productivity-focused wide-format printer?


If so, don’t hesitate to contact the Prizma Graphics team, who will be happy to provide you with the most specialised and informed guidance.

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