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Astounding results are possible with our wallpaper and fabric media for inkjet, latex and solvent printers

Posted by Louise 17/06/2019 0 Comment(s) Prizma,

You might not have realised just what stunning results can be obtained with wallpaper and fabric media – but stunning results very much can be obtained, not least given that here at Prizma Graphics, we supply such media for use with inkjet, latex and solvent printers.


Make sure you’d educated on the right media for your printer


When seeking out wallpaper and fabric media, as is the case with any other kind of media, it is essential to appreciate the very real differences between the various machines that can conceivably be used to print on it.


If your printer is an inkjet printer, for instance, it will use aqueous water-based dye and pigment inks, which are water-resistant once dry.


Latex printers, too, use water-based liquid inks, except that these inks also contain latex polymers that encapsulate the pigment, which is carried in water and jetted through the printheads. The heating of this water causes its evaporation, which also activates the polymers to enable the ink to bind to the media.


These differences have certain implications in terms of the wallpaper or fabric media that will bring you the most visually impressive and long-lasting results – and it’s much the same as far as eco solvent printers are concerned. Such printers use inks that are suspended in a mild, odourless biodegradable solvent. Unlike the aforementioned two types of ink, solvent inks are not water-based, so you can expect both durable and waterfast results when printing on fabric or wallpaper.


So, what are the best wallcovering media for use with inkjet printers?


We are delighted here at Prizma Graphics to be able to bring you inkjet wallcovering media that is just the thing for creating stunning customised wallpaper and murals.


These options include our Smooth Matte Inkjet Wallpaper Media (CJSMW), which is a pastable wallpaper using standard wallpaper paste. This 180gsm, 300-micron smooth non-woven wallpaper combines high opacity with excellent wet strength resistance.


Alternatively, you may look to our 220gsm Self Adhesive Fabric Wallcovering Media (CJSAFW). This removable wallpaper can be repositioned and removed without any residue being left on the wall, making it an ideal choice for such applications as bespoke wallpaper designs, exhibition graphics and large murals.


We can also bring you the best in inkjet fabric


Our range of fabrics for use with inkjet printers includes such options as 60gsm Light and Sheer Polyester Fabric (CJULPF) that may be chosen for display hangings and room dividers, and the 240gsm Fire Retardant Polyester Fabric (CJFRPF) that is ideal for hanging banners and roller blinds.


The former of these media rolls is a super thin woven polyester fabric that has been likened to taffeta, and drapes beautifully, which means it also lends itself well to the likes of table cloths, foldable and crease-free posters. The latter, meanwhile, is medium weight, durable and fire retardant, yet also water resistant with pigment inks.


Solvent and latex fabric is also a great speciality of ours


Users of solvent printers and latex printers who are in need of a light durable polyester fabric are likely to take an interest in our SSLPT110 and LLLPT110 products respectively. These 110gsm weight fabrics both incorporate a water-resistant coating suitable for photographic images, which is why you may choose them for such applications as banners, roller and window blinds and customised tablecloths.


Finally, you can also depend on us for the best in solvent and latex wallcovering


You have two options for wallpaper for use with solvent or latex ink. The first of those is our 200gsm Soft Matt Wallpaper, which is a smooth, off-white and non-woven wallpaper with high opacity and great wet strength. It is also PVC free, requires no lamination, can be hung with standard wallpaper paste and can be easily removed. Both solvent and latex variants are available – SSMWP and LLMWP.


The second option, meanwhile, is a removable self-adhesive 220gsm opaque wallpaper that is well-suited for customised wallpaper and murals. Again, there are separate solvent and latex versions – SSAFW and LLAFW – that you can remove and reposition without damaging the wall; nor is any residue left over. It is a waterproof and tear-resistant polyester wallpaper that also will not crease, thereby making it a highly universal and versatile media.


Call us now for free samples


Are you at all unsure about the wallcovering or fabric media that may represent the best choice for use with your own inkjet, latex or solvent printers? If so, the Prizma Graphics team can advise you; simply call us on 01296 393700 today.  Samples are available free of charge to allow you to test our products with your printer.

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