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Are You Looking To Buy Tervakoski Paper?

Posted by Katrina 18/01/2017 0 Comment(s)

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Do you need an economical, lightweight paper for sketching and tracing?


Prizma Graphics supply a wide range of light-weight papers for sketching, tracing and overlays.  There are a number of light weight detail papers available in different weights suitable for different applications :


Tervakoski Sketching Paper


Our Tervakoski Paper, whose name is derived from the Finnish paper mill in Tervakoski, is a super lightweight 25gsm paper. It is similar to tracing paper but is much lighter and has a white, paper appearance. This detail sketching paper is often used by architects, shop fitters, exhibition designers, designers and artists for sketching large and small working drawings in pencil, pen and marker. It is available in rolls, 297mm and 594mm widths and 100m long, ideal for cutting to your required length. This is a brilliant value paper and ideal for cost effective working sketches.


Bienfang Detail Paper


Our Bienfang Detail Paper, founded by Sebastian Bienfang in 1926, New York, is still a much loved paper used by architects, product engineers, exhibition designers, designers and artists. This is a thin, good quality translucent paper commonly used for creating layouts or tissue overlays. It is also known as layout paper because it’s super translucency is perfect for building up layers for composition of drawings and for this reason is also sometimes referred to as 'tissue', 'onion skin', 'flimsy', and 'pattern paper'. This detail paper also has the advantage of being available in Canary Yellow in addition to White, and comes in two roll widths, 305mm (12”) and 610mm (24”) and 35 yards (45.7m) in length, making it the perfect detail paper for small format and wide format working sketches.


C300 Detail Paper


Our C300 Detail Paper is a 53gsm lightweight paper traditionally used by draughtsmen and architects for typographical overlays and layouts but is now widely popular with pattern makers, stained glass window designers and sign makers. This detail paper is slightly less transparent than tracing paper but it is cheaper, lighter and has the white appearance of paper. It is available in wider widths than Tervakoski and Bienfang Detail Paper – 254mm, 297mm, 381mm, 841mm and 1016mm rolls and A1, A2 and A3 cut sheets – making it more versatile for large working drawings and layouts.


Layout Pads


Our Layout Pads provide a convenient, desk top layout paper in a 50gsm weight. Again, this paper is similar to tracing paper but has the white appearance of paper with good translucency for overlays, sketches and tracing. It is also sometimes referred to as Bank Paper. Our Layout Pads are available in A2, A3 and A4 sizes, convenient for storage and for designing on the move. 


Why Buy Tervakoski Paper, Bienfang Detail Paper, C300 Detail Paper and Layout Pads from Prizma Graphics?


Prizma Graphics is the perfect supplier to find design products that meet all your drafting and inkjet paper needs. Our range of products covers everything from CAD uncoated plotter paper and coated inkjet paper, to satin and gloss photo printer paper rolls and graphics specialist media including inkjet canvas and banner film.


Established in 1986 as a family business, we have over 30 years experience in supplying the best wide format paper for design, graphics and reprographic applications.


We are always happy to discuss your design requirements. Please call us on 01296 393700 and our knowledgeable sales team will be pleased to help.

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