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Are you in need of plotter paper rolls to fit your inkjet printer?

Posted by Liz 05/07/2017 0 Comment(s) Prizma,HP,Canon,

Are you in need of plotter paper rolls to fit your inkjet printer?


As specialist suppliers of all manner of paper and media, it goes without saying that here at Prizma Graphics, we take seriously our duty to supply the highest standard of competitively priced inkjet quality plotter paper rolls.


Whether you own or use an HP DesignJet or Canon inkjet plotter model, it couldn’t be easier to find the most appropriate products for the task through the various categories in the dedicated section of our website.


This section of the site contains an easy-to-find list of plotter papers suitable for current HP Designjet wide format inkjet printers. We have designed this part of the site to ensure that visitors can quickly identify the plotter paper rolls that suit their printer model and requirements, simply by clicking on the link for their printer model. Click Here


We supply plotter paper for a wide range of printers


Many of you who are in the market for plotter paper rolls may be seeking the most suitable solution for a technical CAD printer such as the HP T120, T520, T730 and T930.


Printers in this category are routinely used by architectural, structural and consulting engineers, with the latest wide format HP and Canon CAD plotter printers that we supply here at Prizma Graphics compatible with paper in A0, A1 and A2 roll sizes.


The HP T120, for instance, is a technical CAD printer that is ideal for monochrome and line colour prints, architectural and engineering designs, plans, maps and presentations. It is therefore natural that the paper we have selected for this printer covers both CAD prints and presentation prints.


Both the T120 and its sister T520 model are A1 printers, so will take an up to 610mm roll. Purchase the compatible 594mm roll from our store, and you will be able to print to a standard A1 size, thereby saving on paper and time in trimming if printing to standard A1.


However, these are not the only inkjet printers for which we provide plotter paper rolls, with others including the 6 colour HP Z2600 and Z5600 that form part of our range of photographic and graphics printers. Such printers are also known as photo and fine art printers, and are ideal for high-end photographic and art displays.


Sure enough, the papers selected for these printer models here at Prizma Graphics are presentation papers designed for full colour graphics.


Choose Prizma Graphics for all of your paper requirements


Discover our complete product range beyond our selection of highly rated plotter paper rolls here on the Prizma Graphics website today, or call 01296 393700 if you would like to ask any questions or discuss any more specialised requirements that you may have.  

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